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Lose Weight Really Fast without Dieting

8/19 9:22:13

Diets, more often than not, fail to work because they are offering a short-term solution that is almost impossible to maintain for the long haul. You either feel so hungry, deprived, and bored that you instantly crave everything which you are not allowed or your nutrition is so unbalanced that your body physically craves the calories it needs.  Either way, the end result is that the diet fails. What you will want to do instead is focus on your eating habits and make healthy choices part of your lifestyle.  Here's how:

Eat lots of fiber.  A high-fiber diet is one of the best ways to lose weight.  Aside from fiber being heart-healthy and great for your digestion, it fills you up quickly and safely; warding off cravings or the impulse to over-eat.  Increase your fiber intake with whole grain foods and lots of fruits and vegetables.

Try to get a lean protein into every meal that you have; think chicken, beans, and fish.  Protein blunts your appetite and is necessary for maintaining your metabolic rate.

When you eat breakfast, you are more likely to make better, lower calorie choices throughout the day. Breakfast will kick-start your metabolism and you'll burn calories all day at a steady pace.

Eat little and often. By doing so you will maintain your blood sugar at a level where you don't get over-hungry and end up reaching for anything in sight.  It will also keep your metabolism working efficiently all day long.  Eat five or six smaller meals and choose healthy snacks for in between; crackers, yogurt, nuts, and fruit.

Portion Control
By limiting how much of one thing that you eat, you don't have to deprive yourself.  Serve yourself smaller than normal portions at mealtime and wait a few minutes before deciding to go for seconds; you may just find that you are perfectly satisfied.  While snacking, measure out your food ahead of time; always avoid snacking right out of the bag.

Eat Slowly
It takes about twenty minutes for your brain to realize that you are full; so slow down.  Always sit while eating and chew your food thoroughly.  Savor every small bite of food; by doing so you will actually get more pleasure from your food than you would if you shoveled it down and you'll end up eating much less.

Smaller Plates
Your healthy portion of food will always appear larger and more satisfying to you if put it on the smallest plate you can find.  People rarely leave food on their plate while dining at home so this way you can clear your plate and still feel good about how many calories you consumed.

By changing your way of thinking from "dieting" to "making healthy choices" you will achieve long-term weight control while continuing to enjoy eating.

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