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Want Fast Results On Medifast?: Tips On How To See Dramatic Results Both Quickly And Safely

8/19 9:22:13

The term "success on Medifast" is going to have different meanings for different people. For some, that's going to mean a relatively small weight loss or just getting into a smaller size of clothing. For others, in order to really be successful on this diet, they're going to need a lifestyle change which encompasses loosing a significant amount of weight. However you define success on Medifast, the process of achieving it is pretty much the same. And, I think it's fair to say that most people want to see their results or have this success in the quickest (but safest and most lasting) way possible. To that end, I'll offer some tips to help you achieve this in the following article.

Quick Medifast Success Is Not All That Difficult If You Follow The Directions And Understand Ketosis: It's important to understand and embrace that this diet has been around for over twenty years and has been repeatedly tested in clinical trails. So, this is a diet that has been tested, tweaked, and endured. It is designed to work and it's important that you don't think (as I did) that you're going to be the exception to the rule or that you need to overachieve or change how the diet works.

Some people who want quick weight loss with this diet will skip meals or omit their main "lean and green meal." I understand the thinking behind this but it's often a mistake because your body needs to eat regularly (and enough) to get it and maintain ketosis where it's burning more calories and fat. If you skip meals or don't follow the directions regarding your lean and green meal, then you run the risk of never getting into ketosis or bumping yourself out of it.

You're often much better off using the diet as directed and eating all six of the meals. I know this from experimentation that showed me it was silly to try to overachieve and change the diet. I actually got better results when I ate all of the meals and wasn't too hard on myself. It's important to understand that this really is all about getting into ketosis and that the diet is designed to do just that without any help from you. As long as you're eating the foods that they give you and stay within the "lean and green" guidelines (which doesn't mean you can't be creative) you'll automatically be taking in much less calories, carbs, and fats than what you're used to. This alone would encourage weight loss, but since the ratios of protein and fiber to carbs and calories is so favorable, you also have ketosis on your side also. This is enough for most people to get the results they are looking for without needing to take silly, unsafe, or drastic measures.

It's Not A Bad Idea To Lightly Exercise When You Want Fast Medifast Results, But You Don't Need To Over Do It: Sometimes, I find that folks are so anxious to get off on the right foot or so motivated to lose a lot of weight very quickly, that they feel if some calorie cutting and exercising is a good thing, then a lot more of this would be an even better thing. It doesn't often work in this way.

Frankly, to me, one of the most attractive things about the Medifast diet is that it tricks you into making gradual lifestyle changes. You're given most of the food to eat so there's less guess work for you. Plus, through your lean and green meals, you learn to make better choices and to eat small meals regularly. If you overdo it, you aren't learning these lessons and the whole idea is to be able to eventually go off the diet and know that you can keep the weight off.

The same is true with exercise. If you start off overdoing it, you run the real risk of burning yourself out. And truly, dieting really is a time game. The key is consistent and sustainable results that add up over time and eventually reinforce new habits that you can keep up. I've found that just power walking, biking or roller blading is enough to bump up your results but not too much that you will dread it or make excuses not to do it.

It's also my belief that if you just follow along, not attempt to do too much, and have confidence in your results, you really don't need to overachieve or deprive yourself. The diet is designed to shed a decent amount of weight relatively quickly and you're likely no exception.

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