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How to Reduce Tummy Fat With Cardio Training

8/19 9:21:41

One important aspect of fat loss that you cannot ignore is cardio training. By cardio training, I don't just simply mean, hope on a bike or treadmill and crank out hours of low intensity, boring cardio sessions. That's an absolute waste of time. In this article, I'm going to show you the most effective cardio training method that will turn your body into a fat burning furnace.

Everyone knows that activity burns calories, and this is why so many people spend hours and hours on a cardio machine. While they have the right idea that cardio training helps burn calories, they're going about it in the wrong way by doing low intensity, long duration cardio sessions.  You probably see many people who spend hours on a cardio machine; however, they still find themselves in similar shape with little to no progress to show for their hard work.

So what are they doing wrong?

There are two main points when it comes to effective cardio training sessions: 1) timing of the cardio session, and 2) intensity and duration of the cardio session. So, let's talk a bit about these two key points.

Why do cardio first thing in the morning?

The reason is simply, you get the most effective fat burning cardio sessions first thing in the morning. This is the most optimal time to do cardio because during the previous night, your body has gone through a 8 to 10 hour fast, and because of this your glycogen stores are low. By doing cardio first thing in the morning, your already low glycogen stores gets used up quickly, and fat is then mobilized as the source of energy.

If long duration, low intensity cardio sessions are ineffective, then what works?

Shorter duration, but ultra high intensity, and interval based cardio workouts are the answer. Sure, by doing long cardio sessions, you burn more total calories during the workout as compared to a short duration cardio session. However, by doing shorter duration cardio sessions at ultra high intensity, you crank up your metabolism that will burn more calories long after your cardio session has ended.

A good intense 20 to 30 minute cardio session is all you really need. The key is high intensity, and you can achieve this with intervals - slower paced periods mixed up with periods of high intensity. For example, 2 minutes of moderate pace cardio followed by 30 seconds to 1 minutes of peak intensity cardio, and so on.

For best fat loss results, do high intensity cardio first thing in the morning. Combine this with an effective weight loss program, you will see results guranteed.


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