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A Quick Review Of The Medifast Pancakes: Information About Taste, Texture, Nutrition, And Cost

8/19 9:21:26

It used to be that when people asked me about medifast pancakes, they were really asking for a recipe so that they could make these for themselves. Many people make these using the medifast oatmeal and eggs. But recently, the company has come out with their own prepackaged pancakes. So, in the following article, I'll review this new product in terms of taste, cost, texture, and nutrition.

How Do The New Medifast Pancakes Taste?: I find them to be better than my homemade version. I find these to be quite good, but I actually had pretty high expectations. Diet pancakes have been around for a while and many similar diets (like nutrisystem and Jenny Craig) offer similar products. So, there has been plenty of time to perfect the process. This product is fluffy and nice and light. The cakes aren't heavy, but they aren't empty tasting either. They are a bit sweeter than I expected which is nice. (This may be because they are sweetened with stevia.)

The regular pancakes are quite good, but I truly got awful excited about the chocolate chip flavor. Sure, it's not covered in chocolate chips, but there are enough to provide some sweetness and an additional texture. Very surprisingly this product contains even less sugar than many of the other meals, but the taste doesn't reflect this. It's also gluten free.

Nutritional Information About The Medifast Pancakes: Like many of this diet's meals, this product has about 110 calories. Only 15 of those calories comes from fat. As I alluded to, this product contains a low amount of sugar (only 4 grams.) There are 11 grams of proteins, 4 grams of fiber, and 14 grams of carbs. (In other words, like most this plan's foods, this is very glycemic friendly and designed to encourage ketosis.) These cakes contain over 25% of many of the more commonly recommended vitamins and minerals.

The Cost: These pancakes can be ordered individually. They aren't included in the packages right now (although I hope the company will consider this in the future.) You can get a box of seven servings for $15.50. That's about $2.20 each. How long the box lasts depends on how often you're going to be able to sit down to this meal. These will likely be a weekend event for me. During the week, I tend to go for the cappuccinos or bars because I don't have as much time to prepare my foods. I'm always running late in the mornings. Of course, you can always prepare your meals ahead of time. But pancakes are a food that I associate with leisurely weekend mornings.

I'm really glad the company finally added pancakes to their menu. Many dieters have been making their own for a while now, but these are better. I also suspect that they have fewer calories and carbs than my home made version also.

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