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Will You Gain The Weight Back Once You Go Off Of Nutrisystem?

8/19 9:20:31

I recently had someone tell me that they were very interested in nutrisystem and felt like it might be a good fit for them, but they were concerned about having to stay on the program for life in order to maintain their results. In a nutshell, they were afraid that if they lost a lot of weight and then went off of the diet, they would eventually gain it all back and this process would be worse than just never starting.

Actually you don't have to commit to nutrisystem for life. And you don't have to stay on it forever. Once you've reached your weight loss goal or have lost all the weight that you need to lose, you have the option of a maintenance program. They provide you with extensive help with this, which I'll discuss more in the following article.

How Does The Nutrisystem Maintenance Program Work (AKA "Nutrisystem Balance")  The specific program is called "nutrisystem balance." Basically, once you've lost your target amount of pounds, you'll work with a counselor to come up with a plan to maintain that weight loss. You might hear a lot of reference to maintaining your "energy gap." This describes coming up with that sweet spot between the calories in and the energy out needed to maintain your current weight loss.

Basically, you work with the specialist to determine which foods you'll need to eat to maintain this and how to make those foods enticing enough that you will want to stick with this. You can eat grocery store foods that you prepare on your own if you like. They provide with a pretty extensive recipe book to help you with this. Some people gradually taper down their prepackaged foods. And sometimes, people like certain meals on the diet and want to keep those, which is perfectly fine. Basically, the counselors help you come up with the combination of foods and movement that is going to maintain your new weight loss in the most painless and sustainable way possible. This sometimes takes some tweaking and some trial and error, but the feedback that I've heard about this has been positive.

I hope this has addressed your concerns about how long you have to stay on this diet. You truly are looking at a lifestyle change, but it's a very gradual and a mostly comfortable one. Since you add in healthful grocery additions with each prepackaged nutrisystem meal, you gradually learn how to chose healthful foods that you enjoy (even if you don't really realize this at the time.)

So if you're hesitating trying this diet because you don't want to make a life time commitment, you don't have to worry about that. You can go off of the plan as soon as you've met your goal. And once you do, they will help you transition off. Plus, hopefully by that time, you will have learned some new habits which mean that this maintenance is not all that hard.

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