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Beginning The Medifast Weight Loss Program? How To Cultivate An Attitude That Contributes To Success

8/19 9:19:50

I've lost a decent amount of weight on medifast, but I have failed miserably on countless diets over the years. I can say without a doubt that my current situation is partly because of my changing attitude. Here are some considerations in cultivating the mind set that is most likely to ensure your long term success on medifast (or other diets for that matter:)

First, I am going to assume that you have chosen a plan that you can live with long term and have carefully considered your personality, preferences and lifestyle. It seems pretty logical that someone who loves carbs should not expect long term compliance on the Atkins diet, but I have failed on that one several times.

It's very important that you understand that whatever has happened in the past does not matter now. There is absolutely no reason for any past failures to enter into today. Only evaluate your past behavior as a way to avoid the same mistakes this time around.

Long term successful dieting means consistently holding yourself to a higher standard. You will need to make good choices regarding what you eat, how you move, and how you will spend your time. In order to do this, you must sincerely believe that you deserve what is your best life. Once you do, then you must consistently perform the actions that are going to bring you closer to it. This often means valuing yourself enough to put off instant gratification that feels good in the short term but ultimately harms your health.

Each time you are able to make the proper choices and follow through, you are demonstrating your integrity. Knowing that you make good on your promises makes these tough choices much easier over time.

Personally, I also had to shift my focus away from food. This is hard to do when you are on a diet, but it is necessary. Thinking about food constantly only makes you want more of it. Decide what you are going to eat when you are calm and rested, portion it out for later, and then don't dwell on it again. Eat what you have chosen only at the appropriate times and then move on without over thinking it. Focus your attention on placing your own happiness and self care very high on your to do list.

Finally, I firmly believe that you must go into any plan embracing healthy change rather than focusing on deprivation or what you are giving up. Have fun. Incorporate those things that bring you pleasure as often as you can. If you are miserable, you are not going to comply with any plan for very long. As long as you have joy in your day to day activities, you are much more likely to keep repeating the same behaviors. Feel content that you are taking control of your health. The rest will fall into place.

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