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The Best Thing About Medifast Is Not The Taste, Effectiveness, Or Convenience. It's Something Else

8/19 9:19:49

I've lost over a large amount of pounds on Medifast so I am often asked about the details of this diet. People want to know how it works, if it works and if so, what has made it so effective for me.

I believe most people assume I am going to list the plan's convenience or effectiveness. Some very good friends who have followed my progress probably suspect that I would mention ketosis and how it speeds weight loss. This is because they know I always have my ketosis testing strips on hand.

While I do appreciate all of these features and believe that they have contributed to my success, these things would not be the highest on my list.

For me, the best thing about Medifast is that it has contributed to my seeing food in an entirely different way.

I used to dwell on food quite a bit. I would debate and spend too much time thinking about what I was going to eat, how many calories it contained, and how it was going to affect me. In reality, this process was just facilitating my being, and staying, overweight.

In my experience, thinking about food (even if I was thinking dieting or calories) made me eat more. The more I thought about or debated my menu, the more food I consumed.

Once I began this plan, I knew that the decisions were basically made for me. There just wasn't a lot to think about.

Today, I will even go so far as to plan my meals on the weekends. This way, I am only thinking about food once per week. I write my menu on my calendar so that when it is time to assemble my meals, I am on autopilot. I just grab them and go.

This has freed me up greatly to obtain gratification through things other than food. I now concentrate on spending more time with my family and incorporating some exercise into my routine.

Looking back, it's quite possible that I had or have a food addiction. I somehow always found a way to sneak in thoughts or acts of consuming excess food into my every day life. No matter what diet I was on, I could not break this cycle.

It's only clear to me now that any plan which required me to manipulate, calculate, prepare or decide on what I was going to eat was setting me up to obsess and therefore to fail.

I am pretty confident that I finally see food for what it really is – a substance that I need to do to fuel my body only.

Learning this has also helped me to evaluate the quality of what I consume. Yes, chocolate cake tastes pretty good, but nothing is more delicious than liking the way I look in size six clothing and knowing I am contributing to my own good physical health.

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