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Avoiding Weekend Disaster When It Comes To Weight Loss

8/19 9:19:35

You can be really good all week long, sticking to your diet, drinking lots of water, exercising every day and then the weekend hits and you totally overeat. If you add up all the weekends in a year that you can overeat on, you could gain an average of 9 pounds! So, for those individuals who have a habit of dieting during the week and pigging out on the weekend, you are so not doing yourself any favors, are you? Don't feel like you are alone though, because for many people, Friday means the weekend is here and it's party time! Problem is when you let loose and party; you leave behind all the good weight loss achievement that you made during the week by gaining weight over the weekend.

So, what is the ticket to avoiding weekend disaster when it comes to weight loss? Experts say, that in order to truly be successful at losing weight you have to have the mindset that the changes you are making are lifestyle changes and not just a "diet" or until you lose X amount of pounds. You have to be serious about changing your eating habits, about changing behavior patterns, and about exercising on a regular basis. Losing weight has to be a lifestyle decision that you are committing to for 7 days a week, 12 months, year after year.

You don't want anything that is going to undermine all the good stuff you do during the week so you have to be consistent in what you do Monday through Sunday. Weight loss experts realize how difficult it is to stick to weight loss plans over the weekend so they have tips to help you survive the weekend.

The first tip is to know how much you weight everyday, even on the weekends. The best time to weight yourself is when you first wake up and right after you empty your bladder. Weight yourself consistently like this every single day.

Next you want to really focus on eating healthy everyday not just during the week. Prepare whole foods like beans, fruits, lean meats, low-fat dairy, vegetables and whole grains. Whole foods are foods that are in their natural state. Foods that is intact with all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients still in them (unrefined, and unprocessed).

Did you know that eating lean protein and fiber-rich whole foods can keep you feeling full for hours and helping you to not overeat?

Parties can be another time when your weight loss can be in jeopardy, so be prepared by eating less that day or by being physically active burning extra calories earlier that day.

Be extra careful about portion sizes, especially if you are eating out in restaurants. Do not rely on the server to know what a correct portion size is, typically restaurants serve large portions to keep you full and happy and coming back. At home you can use a smaller plate to help you avoid taking too much when serving yourself.

Be active during the weekend by doing something fun and extra such as a bike ride with friends or a tennis match with a family member, friend or neighbor.

Never skip a meal and be aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it kick-starts your metabolism, skip it and you are doing harm to your weight loss plan.

Weekends are for having fun and it is ok to splurge a little bit once in a while as long as you compensate with extra physical activity to burn up those extra calories you consumed.

Watch out for beverages because they can have hidden calories especially alcohol, juices and sodas.

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