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The tetrad secret of ancient Greek athletes

8/19 9:18:43

If you want a physique like the ancient Greek athletes, the correct program is everything. You see, despite what you hear, hard work is definitely not the secret. There are plenty of people in gyms everywhere who work hard, but who never get in shape, and even having a gym instructor standing over them for "motivation" is no guarantee of success.

The reason they fail is not because they're doing the exercises wrong; it's because they're following the wrong program. Learning to do exercises is simple. The real secret is what you do with them, and how you build these into a structured system. Without that program, you can forget about getting a physique like ancient Greek athletes.

Think of playing the piano. Each individual exercise in the gym is like playing a note on a key. But no matter how skilled the pianist is at playing the keys, if he doesn't have the music sheet, he doesn't have a chance of playing the whole tune. Well, a good training program is like that music sheet!

From researching the manuals of ancient Greek athletes, I discovered the "tetrad" system, a very clever way of structuring a workout program over 4 days, so that you can squeeze the most out of your time.

With the tetrad approach, you never repeat the same thing two sessions in a row. Instead, you do something completely different on each day.

For example, here's a tetrad that I found to work incredibly well:

Day 1: Effective cardio training for shedding fat. Day 2: Free weights training to stimulate lean muscle. Day 3: Special exercises to help you recover faster. Day 4: Rest.

The reason it works so well is by avoiding boredom, and giving your body's internal systems time to recover, rather than draining them. This is the secret to a body like ancient Greek athletes.

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