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Tips For a Successful Weight Loss Journey

8/19 9:18:33

Deciding to finally do something about your weight issue is not a big achievement, it is sticking to it and following through with your decision that is the challenging part. It is always best to follow a few good tips from the professionals to ensure you will get to your goal and by doing it safely and not taking any drastic measures to lose the weight.

First, you must have a goal weight that is realistic in many forms. It has to be something that is actually feasible as far as the amount of pounds you are looking to lose. Do not make a goal that is unobtainable such as trying to lose twenty pounds in one week, as you will not only fail at making your goal, but you will also end up gaining even more weight back then what you originally were at when you started this adventure. Set your goals to be around three pounds per week for a safe weight loss plan, you can do more for one week if you need to shed some pounds in a hurry just never more than a few in one week. Men are naturally going to lose more than women in a shorter amount of time, so you can make adjustments for that if you happen to be a couple doing this together.

Speaking of couples losing weight, that is the next tip for successful weight loss plans if you find a partner to do it with you. Even if the person you have in your life only needs to lose a few pounds and you may need to lose thirty, it does not matter what does is that the person joining you will show up for any exercise activities and go on any diet plans by eating the same foods that you planned. When you have another person sticking by your side it is motivating, you have someone to confide all your challenges and triumphs with and you are less likely to quit if you have someone else depending on you to keep it up. You can opt to make a journal of your progress together or you can set up a schedule where you both meet either via telephone or in person to discuss all the progress you have made individually each week. You can share tips with one another on what seems to work better for you and share any recipes that you really enjoy.

Finally, utilize all the free resources around you that you can for support and advice. There are endless free workouts and simple exercises you can perform in your home or at the gym that you have full access to on the internet. You can also find calorie counters and weight charts to show you what a normal weight loss goal should be and how to plan it out with both diet and exercise. You can even join in any of the many forums on the web to check in with others that are in the middle of their own weight loss plans and get some very useful information from those folks as well as even making some new friends!


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