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How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat in a Healthy Way

8/19 9:18:33

illions of people everyday are searching for ways to effectively lose weight. While for some it may be an easy task to shed a few pounds with just a small amount of effort, others are on a journey to add muscle while trying to burn fat at the same time. Is this actually a possible mission to accomplish? To burn fat and gain muscle is somewhat of a challenge that requires following a strict set of rules for both diet and exercise to achieve.

The process must be done in two parts as it is literally impossible to do both at the same time. The first part of the process is the easy part, this is where you would begin to build your muscle tissue and pack on the strength. The way to accomplish this is by weight lifting a few days per week to start. You should always give your body a day off in between lifting weights to rest your muscles and allow them to grow, as many people do not realize that once you begin a lifting routine your muscles actually grow even when you are not being active. You should always lift amounts of weight that are challenging, but not impossible to lift. Stretch your muscles out before each workout and it may be a good idea to get involved with a quick cardio regimen as well prior to lifting as well. This is good to raise your heart rate and get your body prepared for the heavy activities. Your diet should consist of lots of protein and always a portion of it after you have lifted weights is crucial.

Once you have gained a significant amount of muscle, you can begin the second portion of shaping your new body by losing the fat. When you are attempting to gain muscle, nine times out of ten you will also gain some fat. It goes with the territory, when you eat more to fuel your new muscles you begin to gain weight in general it doesn't just go to your muscles unfortunately. You will need to continue the weight lifting to ensure you do not lose any of the muscles you have recently gained, and along with that you must now get active and step up your cardio activities to three times per week. Mix it up and do not limit yourself to just workout out the same muscles each time, do cycling one day and boxing another. Running, swimming, hiking and karate can all be very effective forms of cardio to keep you interested and get that fat off quickly. Along with the exercise, you must change your diet from high proteins to an equal amount of proteins and good carbohydrates at each meal. For snacks you can select from anything natural such as fruits and vegetables and any whole grains are always a bonus as well. If you follow the workouts and weight lifting schedule as previously mentioned you will see results and you will be reshaping your body in a natural and healthy way.


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