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Medifast Meals: What Types Of Food Choices Are There? How Do They Taste?

8/19 9:18:29

I've lost a good bit of weight on medifast over the course of several months, so I'm often asked about this diet plan. A few of the more common questions I am asked are: "How does the medifast food taste?;" and "What types of food are there?"

Many people mistakenly believe that only shakes and protein bars are included. This just isn't true. There are over 70 food choices available and these meals range from snack type foods (like crackers and lattes), to more substantial offerings (like chili or eggs), to more dessert type foods (like pudding).

There's also many meals available for different types of consumers (like men, women, and folks with diabetes) and for people with specific needs or wants (like metabolism boosting, appetite suppression, diabetes support, or joint health.) That said, most people opt for the very popular five plus one package, which includes most of the most commonly purchased items and enough of them so that you can eat six times per day (five of these will be the plan's meals) for a month.

Typically, dieters will eat five of the plan's prepackaged meals and one "lean and green" meal which is more substantial that you are able to chose and make for yourself.

I'll now go over some of the foods that are available and provide a brief description of how they taste.

Shakes and Protein Bars: These are what the medifast diet is known for and many people opt to consume a lot of them because they are rich, tasty, and filling. The shakes do not taste chalky or have a weird after taste like the optifast or slim fast shakes that you may have tried in the past. There are many types and flavors available, but among the more popular are Dutch chocolate, French vanilla, and Swiss mocha.

The bars are pretty good as well, with a nice chewy (instead of dry) texture. I would gage the most popular flavors to be peanut butter and chocolate.

Eggs And Oatmeal: I find that the oatmeal tastes like a lighter version of the Quaker variety in flavors that include apple cinnamon and maple brown sugar. The eggs taste a bit like McDonald's version without all the butter. When I have time, I dress them up with veggies or fat free sour cream.

Chili, Soup, And Stew: Of these, I prefer the chili, then the soup, then the stew. The chili is not greasy like many varieties and has a fresh, light, tomato based taste. The stew in my opinion needs to dressed up with fat free sour cream and cheese, but once it is, it's quite edible.

Snacks Like The Pudding And Crackers, Brownies And Pancakes: I very much like the pudding, but I do make it a thinner consistency than the recipe calls for. I also use it to make muffins and cookies. I like the crackers very much with fat free humus or bean dip.  But, my favorites have got to be the new medifast brownies and pancakes.

Drinks Like Latte, Cappuccino, Metabolism Boosting Flavor Infusers, and Hot Chocolate: Surprisingly, I like these every bit as much as the shakes. I like to mix the medifast coffees with the hot chocolate for a mocha. These offerings have saved me lots of calories and fat from Starbuck's treats. I am not a fan of the fruit drink straight up, but I like to put it over shaved ice for a snow cone. The metabolism booster flavor infusers taste a lot like crystal light without being powdery or gritty.

Want more resources to help you evaluate the Medifast foods and their taste? Lindsey's Medifast Review Website features comparisons, recipes, a list of all of the foods (including the shakes,) videos, tips, coupons ($50 off or two weeks free), information and products related to success on this diet. She also offers a free ebook ("Getting The Most Out Of Medifast") to help you get started. You can visit her at http://easiest-diet.com/

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