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Keeping a Food Journal Can Jump Start Your Weight Loss Goals

8/19 9:17:57

Anytime you have any amount of weight to lose there is one simple technique you can try to really increase your weight loss. Begin keeping a food journal before, during and after you have lost the weight. This has many benefits that could be very telling as far as what habits you may need to change and what ones you need to stick with that have proven to be successful for you. In fact you may need to brace yourself as you begin to see exactly what you will need to do to change your weight and your mind to make a healthy transition.

Keeping a food journal prior to engaging in weight loss is the most important part. This will inform you of what changes you need to make. If you utilize the food journal correctly you will write down every snack, drink and meal that you consume each day for about one week. By doing this you can then begin to create your weight loss plan going forward. Take the week that you worth down all of your foods and add the calories up for each day. Next, go onto to free calorie weight chart and see how close you were to the amount of calories you need to maintain your current weight. If you are way over that amount then you know what you need to do to lose the weight. If you are under then look closely at the foods you were eating. Were they high in fat or sugar? How many servings of vegetables and fruits did you consume during the week? Look closely at the food choices you were making and in most cases you will notice there are many poor food choices that you will need to change.

Next, you must begin your new weight loss food plan and map out the entire week or weeks ahead of you with which meals and snacks you will be eating. Track your progress in your food journal and write everything down, even the times when you may cheat off of your diet and they can be very crucial. When you write it all down you are not only receiving the benefits of learning exactly how many calories you are consuming each day, but you are also noticing a pattern as far as which times of the day you are more prone to stray from your diet and when you need to play close attention to having the right foods in the house to avoid those occurrences in the near future. You will continue the food entries into your journal for quite some time after you have reached your weight loss goals to track your progression and to also look into any changes you may need make for the future. You will also receive other benefits by keeping a food journal such as which foods may be making you sick and which foods result in giving you more energy during the day and which ones make you tired as well.


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