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How To Find Weight loss Plans to Lose Weight Without Pills

8/19 9:17:10

If you are like me, you hate diets, dieting, and anything connected with reducing your calorie intake which means long days of missing pizza, chips, onion rings or whatever your I've-gotta-have-it food is.  It is like being on a happiness desert.  So much of my happiness and well being depends on certain foods. Yet I also hate the stigma of being fat. I hate the health risks of being over weight.  I also don't want to take diet pills because I don't want to die of sudden cardiac arrest or be stuck taking them the rest of my life to stay thin. So how do I lose weight without pills and without giving up my favorite foods.

"Any diet that does not accommodate a persons favorite foods is doomed to failure." --Rachel Rinehart, personal diet coach

There Are Plans For Diet Haters To Lose Weight Without Pills

Keeping in mind my two most important criteria, lose weight without pills and lose weight without giving up my gotta-have-it foods, I began researching different weight loss options.  After plowing through plan after plan that required that you have an appetite like Mother Theresa, and the will power of a Navy Seal I finally hit pay dirt.

Eat Every Other Day?

I ran into weight loss plans that advocated low calorie days followed by normal calorie days and you'd lose weight without pills and without giving up your gotta-have-it foods.  This seemed doable to me so I narrowed down the field of choices to 2.  I eliminated the ones that called for actual fasting every other day because, I ain't no monk. Next I eliminated the ones that didn't allow me to lose weight without pills.  Then I chose the two that allowed me to have the most gotta-have-it foods. Viola, my short list of weight loss plans that guarantee you'll lose weight without pills and without giving up your gotta-have-it foods!

The Short List

Jon Benson's Every Other Day Diet made number one because Jon guarantee's you will lose weight easily, even if you hate dieting, and you can lose weight without pills.  On this weight loss plan you get to eat your gotta-have-it foods every other day and in between you eat a pretty descent, super healthy, high protein diet.  (So far, I am down 20 lbs!)  Jon absolutely guarantees his plan for 60 days and it is easy to get a refund during that time.  There is also a very helpful forum you belong to and you get lifetime updates to his plans.  You also get a library of other books and exercise planners that make this package an unbelievable bargain.

Go to EODD.biz and study this plan for yourself.

The runner up is Strip That Fat 2011.  This weight loss plan uses a totally different approach.  You lose weight without pills by using Strip That Fat's massive nutrition and calorie guides to design your own two week menus.  Don't worry, there is software that makes the whole process a snap.  You end up having your own virtual dietitian to guide you to super easy, super healthy weight loss.  Once a week you get a day off to eat your gotta-have-it foods.  Even then the daily menus are surprisingly good and satisfying.

Go to Strip That Fat now and see for yourself.

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