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Discount Medifast Explained: Which Special Offer Saves The Most Money?

8/19 9:17:02

Other than it's effectiveness and the high amount of convenience offered, one other thing that I really like about medifast is the fact that there are always coupons, specials and discounts offered. With just a little research, you can typically save about $70 or get varying weeks' worth of free food.

Medifast Specials, Discounts And Coupon Codes: Many web sites (like mine) offer links to or coupons for discounts on the product, as well as other incentives (freebies including food). As long as you remember to enter in the code at check out (usually a two word phrase that is changed periodically), that's really all you need to do. You'll either see your deduction or a screen that indicates the confirmation of the freebies you've been given.

As an example, the basic five plus one package costs about $299 for 143 meals, so a week's worth of free food has the approximate value of about $70. So far, I've only seen these discounts available on the monthly packages, (basic five plus one, vegetarian, gluten free, momentum line, diabetic plan, and enhanced (omega 3s for heart health.)

Medifast Auto Ship: Another promotion that the company offers is auto ship. If you're going to be on the diet longer than a month (meaning you have more than 15 – 20 pounds to lose), it may make sense to consider auto ship, which is where the company will automatically ship your next order to you when the previous one runs out. With this option, you're often given either money off or more free food (this is where the "2 weeks free" promotion comes into play.) Often, the company will also offer a discount or free food on subsequent orders, so you are basically getting the savings / coupons without having to hunt for them in the future.

Saving On The Cost Of Lean And Green Meals: Another variable expense on this diet is your daily lean and green meal. I save money on this by buying my lean meat in bulk, (and then freezing them individually) and buying vegetables in season. I do actually buy bagged salads and frozen stir fry. Although I know this cost a bit more due to the convenience, I find that I don't waste any and therefore it actually saves me money. I can basically get a week's worth of lean and green meals out of one package of meat, three bagged salads and a few large bags of frozen veggies. To offer myself more variety, I'll sometimes go to the farmer's market for local, fresh offerings that I wouldn't normally find in the produce aisle. Still, the cost of this diet just has not been a factor as I had feared. With discounts and incentives, it really is cheaper than groceries and gas.

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