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9 Free Tips Loss Belly Fat On Women

8/19 9:16:40

The first tip about losing belly fat is the most important tip of all. There are no fast ways to loose the fat around your stomach. Knowing how to get rid of belly fat is a great motivator in weight loss. If you know how to eliminate fat from your body, you are more likely to succeed the next time you try.

1. Portion Control is the key to healthy eating. No matter what foods you eat, if you eat too much it will give negative results. Eating small frequent meals will also help with portion control. It is recommended to eat four to six small meals a day.

2. Your morning snack attack is caused by a dip in blood sugar levels. Fiber-rich oatmeal stays in your stomach for hours, staving off a doughnut run.

3. Alcohol must be avoided as it contains lots of calories (7 calories/ gram). Alcohol also impacts body sugar levels, and would greatly help your effort to reduce/ lose belly fat.

4. Don't drop dairy products from your diet. Dairy products are high in calcium. If you do not have enough calcium in your diet, you may find it harder to loose weight and keep that weight from coming back. To avoid unnecessary fat, eat low or non-fat dairy products.

5. Do not try to lose belly fat with a crash diet. Crash diets do not teach you healthy eating habits. These diets may slow your metabolism and make you gain weight in the long run.

6. Everyone needs a little fat — it controls hunger. Go for monounsaturated fats like olive or canola oil. They will help keep your cholesterol under control and satisfy cravings. This is one of the best natural weight loss.

7. Eating balanced diet and avoid foods with high sugar/ caffeine level. Foods rich in nutrients/ fiber must be increased in our diets like fresh vegetables/ fruits/ oatmeal/ whole grain etc. Healthy foods maintain insulin levels and control blood sugar levels. Hunger is also controlled which means you can lose belly fat quite quickly.

8. If you are starting an exercise program, start slow. You don't want to overextend your body. Remember that you can still get benefits if you cut a thirty minute exercise session into three ten minute segments as you build your muscle and aerobic strength.  Cardio workouts are great for people who like running or biking. These will promote a healthy heart along with weight loss. This will also help rid the body of belly fat. You will feel stronger and healthier over all.  Full body workouts such as swimming will work most muscles groups in the body. This will promote over all muscles tone and help lose belly fat.

9. Getting adequate sleep would help avoid overeating and may help to lose belly fat. Good sleep would also ensure staying more active during daytime giving you chance to burn more fat and lose belly weight by being more energetic.


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