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How Can You Benefit from HCG Diet Plan

8/19 9:16:26

Overweight is a condition wherein body fat is more than what is called healthy. More than 50% of all women in the world are overweight and over one-third are obese. There are many reasons why one is obese. One of the most common reasons is an excess intake of energy through food against what is being used and needed by the body. Aside from self-confidence issues, health risks such as arthritis, breast cancer, fertility, cardiovascular diseases and gallbladder malfunction is higher for women who are obese.

The culture that thin is fabulous gives a lot of diet companies a large market from women alone. Tricky advertisements giving false promises for fast weight loss result, but don't live up to expectations. So will the popular HCG diet plan really work for you and help you lose a significant amount of weight in just a couple months?

The HCG diet was developed by Dr. Albert Simeons back in 1950s, when he discovered HCG hormone, also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin can be used to help dieters lose weight fast when combined with a very low calories diet. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is actually a natural hormone produced by pregnant women during early months of pregnancy. It is a hormone that consists of protein and is present in both female and male body. He called the diet procedure "Simeons' Protocol" which became the blueprint of the HCG diet program.

So how does Human Chorionic Gonadotropin work in weight loss? The hormone "tells" the hypothalamus to metabolize the body and release the fat storage. According to numerous studies following the Simeon's Protocol, HCG weight loss comes from adipose fat tissues instead of lean muscle tissues. Because of this, the weight being shed from this diet comes from unhealthy fat and does not strip the body of the needed muscle, vitamins and minerals that are all necessary for good health.

There are many advantages of HCG diet plan. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a natural hormone present in one's body that doesn't cause a negative effect on health. Anyone who is beyond the stage of puberty or at least 16 can use the treatment. If followed strictly, this diet can lead to an average of 0.5 to 2 pounds loss every day. And best of all, this diet doesn't disrupt the daily activities of dieters and no strenuous exercise is required. Dieters can keep the weight off for life if they lead a healthy lifestyle after the diet ends.

HCG diet requires a very low calorie intake of no more than 500 calories per day. The diet also helps people understand the importance of eating good food and developing healthy eating habits. Simeons' Protocol is considered as the safest way of losing weight and one of the most effective for those who have battled with weight management for many years.

HCG diet plan has been around for over 50 years with fast and consistent weight loss result reported from millions of dieters. Both men and women who are serious about losing weight should be smart enough to use a procedure that is healthy, convenient, safe and effective. Among the many dieting programs today, it is easy to choose the HCG diet to lose weight.

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