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Tips To Loss Weight - Tips on How to Lose Weight If You Are Elderly

8/19 9:15:57

Tips To Loss Weight

Seniors looking for tips on how to lose weight should keep in mind that they will be better benefited by following an exercise plan rather than by restricting their diet. If you are a senior with weight issues, you certainly need to bring it under control. Excess weight, never good at any age, is particularly dangerous for you as it puts you at greater risk of cardio vascular diseases and diabetes. It also puts unnecessary strain on your ankles, knees and back, making everyday tasks a chore to do.

An interesting fact to note is that as a person ages, subcutaneous fat decreases whereas visceral and intra muscular fat increases. This causes health risks because the fat is now covering vital organs and blood vessels in the body, rather than just lying under the skin.

Tips on how to lose weight that are directed at elderly people avoid recommending cuts in diet because an improper diet accelerates the loss of muscle mass and physical strength which have already been put in motion as part of the aging process. A moderate exercise program, on the other hand, increases muscle mass and strength. Note the use of the term moderate, because drastic weight loss is not beneficial for anybody, least of all the elderly. Tips To Loss Weight

The best way to keep in shape if you are elderly is to do regular exercise. A daily walk around the neighborhood is a great way to shed some extra pounds. If you have problems in your ankles or knees and have problems even with a leisurely walk, you should try getting your daily exercise by swimming or cycling.

A workout with very light weights is also recommended. It is particularly recommended for post menopausal women because it helps to curtail bone loss that takes place due to age.

Not cutting down your calorie intake does not mean that you can keep eating junk food. You have to make intelligent substitutions such as whole grains for refined flours and low fat for full fat products. You can easily devise a well balanced diet consisting of all nourishing ingredients, but with the same calorie count of your previous diet. If you get your calories from fruits, vegetables and lean meats, you will get a lot of nutrition as well.

No tips on how to lose weight will be successful if they are not followed fully and properly. Implement them and you will be amazed at how fit, healthy and youthful you feel. Tips To Loss Weight

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