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Common sense and logic in dieting

8/19 9:15:55

How many diets have you been on?  Like most people that need to lose large amounts of weight this will not be the first time trying to lose weight. This could be the last if you begin to put in place a foundation that is strong and set in the correct direction.  When getting ready to diet the energy level is high and most people do not do their homework when it comes to dieting.

To be successful you must come to terms with a few realities. This is serious and your life literally depends on you ability to lose weight and keep it off. It does get harder when you are older but not impossible.  It will start with you realizing that what diet plan you chose is for life.  This is not get to my weight and go back top stuffing myself with bad food choices.

Once you realize this and make your diet choice you need to be ready for change.  You do not want to get a diet that promises large amount of weight loss in a short period of time. The most likely outcome is that you will be losing water weight, and your body needs those fluids.  So eventually you will gain the weight back as you drink fluids.   

When you get started you want to focus on the process of weight loss not the pounds.  In the beginning you need to learn and relearn new and wholesome eating habits. This takes time to do. Like a new infant you need to be able to crawl before you walk. Do not try to change everything at once.  The best thing is to get rid of all the soda and start replacing it with water.  If you like lemons or limes  add a little lemon or lime juice to a pitcher of water and drink that   instead of soda.  Every week or two try to change a habit that you recognize as unhealthy and change it.  Do not try to do this all at once you will fail.

When you make your goals make sure they are easy to obtain and they are reasonable. You want to make sure that the goals you choose are both objective and measurable.  Do not choose goals that are to easy to attain such as giving up cola drinks when you do not like cola.  Make sure it is measurable.  Do not say that you want to look good without being specific.  Make the goals attainable but hard enough that you need to work to attain them.

When choosing a diet make sure the diet is one that offers you a variety of choices and choices that you like and are willing to adhere to.  Make the goals fun and enjoy your exercise.  If you have a Wii use it as exercise and enjoy yourself in the comfort of home.  Do not be afraid to work up a sweat.

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