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The Best Diet Plan To Lose Weight - Diet Plan for Success

8/19 9:15:44

The Best Diet Plan To Lose Weight

There is little doubt that obesity is a serious concern, and the motivator for many a lose weight diet plan. The number of obese people continues to increase world- wide, and most of those people want to lose weight. Diet plan after diet plan comes out, and the problem seems to grow, rather than shrink. Why do you think this is? The Best Diet Plan To Lose Weight

If any of those plans were manageable for the long term they might work. The fact is, though, that most diet plans were created by people who know nothing about nutrition, even less about what foods work best during weight loss and are simply out to make money from those who are unfortunate enough to have a significant weight problem.

Can We Fix the System?

Did you know that the average age when a girl starts to diet is now 8 years old? Young girls are more afraid of being overweight than they are of nuclear war or of losing their parents. There is something very wrong here.

Do you know what the problem is? The problem is that we no longer see food as life sustaining, we see it as the enemy - and considering the ingredients in most of the foods you will find at your supermarket, the image isn't entirely wrong.

Rather than focus on teaching children to eat properly, nutritiously and happily, we load them down with chicken nuggets, soda and diet products and then expect them to stay healthy and slim. By the time they reach adulthood their ideas about food are so skewed, it is no surprise that a majority of people fight weight issues for the rest of their lives.

Let's get off this defective merry go round and start at square one.

Back to Basics

I'm not asking you to give up eating everything. I am suggesting that you give up the foods that do little for you nutritionally, and certainly harm you when it comes to weight loss. Top of the list - artificial sweeteners. The Best Diet Plan To Lose Weight

There isn't a single sweetener that doesn't have a questionable medical history. Whether it is associated with cancer, inflammation, brain development issues or some other dread disease, artificial sweeteners also confuse the brain in a way that can hinder weight loss. There is no reason to use any of them. Either drink water, or, if you must have some tea or coffee, make sure you pick organic and then sweeten with either stevia or honey. At least your body can recognize those ingredients.

Next - eliminate commercial milk products. If you really want to have milk products, and many people do, get raw milk products instead. Those contain the digestive enzymes that will help your body to process the milk.

Commercial dairy farms routinely inject their cattle with hormones, antibiotics and goodness knows what else. None of those things are good for you, and as your body works to break down those foreign substances, it can't be breaking down fat.

Finally - start buying whole foods again. Whole grains are infinitely superior to any refined grains. Grass-fed meats that grew at their own pace offer less saturated fats, lots more omega 3s, and they contain more vitamin E and CLA, important ingredients in preventing a number of cancers. Wild caught fish offers many of the same benefits, as does organically raised poultry. Each contains its own set of nutritional gold for you to enjoy.

Also make sure you get plenty of organic vegetables and fruits, since they provide fiber, vitamins and minerals. Once you start eating this way you will wonder why you ever ate anything else. This is the healthiest lose weight diet plan you can have--one that keeps you from getting hungry! The Best Diet Plan To Lose Weight

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