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What is Oral HCG?

8/19 9:15:40

The HCG hormone introduced for eliminating excess pounds some sixty years ago has always been administered primarily through injections. Decidedly this is not the ideal method of administration. Injections are painful, which is the reason why people will not at all mind not seeing doctors for the rest of their lives. They are time consuming which may be the reason why some people with weight problems would rather opt for other methods of losing weight. They are costly which maybe the reason why people with weight problems would rather endure less effective weight loss methods.

Today, of course, dieters are provided with a choice. There is now the oral HCG or the sublingual HCG as they are sometimes called. Dieters should be elated to know that with this method of administration, they do not have to face needles again just to lose weight and unlike the dreaded injections, they do not have to spend time away from their more pressing concerns, so they can administer the diet hormone. All that is required of them is to place the dropper under the tongue, apply a gentle squeeze, do these three times a day and they are finished with their daily chore.

Dieters should be doubly elated to hear that the oral HCG is way cheaper than the injections. They do not have to shell out the usual thousand dollars plus needed to purchase the complete injection package good for the entire HCG program. They also need not to buy the usual supplies such as needles, solvents and mixing kits required for preparing the shots.

At 100% the absorption rate of injections is, of course, the best, but with 95% absorption rate of the the oral drops is not bad either. With the convenience offered by the oral HCG, it can be considered an excellent replacement of injections as HCG's primary method of administration.


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