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Ordering A Medifast Package Versus Ordering Meals

8/19 9:15:12

I often hear from folks who are trying to figure out the best and cheapest way to order Medifast. I recently heard from someone who had about 20 - 25 pounds to lose. She wanted to know if it made more sense to order a bunch of individual meals or to go with a Medifast 2 week or monthly package. I'll look closely at this issue in the following article.

Deciding Whether To Order A Medifast Package Or Individual Meals Often Depends On How Much Weight You Have To Lose And The Rate Of Weight Loss You Expect: If you've done any research on the speed with which the weight comes off with this diet, you've probably seen ranges which indicate that anywhere within 2 - 5 pounds per week can be considered normal. For many, the actual weight loss varies slightly from week to week based on a few different factors.

And although it's difficult to know what your range or speed of weight loss might be, you can still use these ranges to help you pinpoint how long you may need to be on the diet. If this person was on the lower end of the range at around 2 pounds per week, she was still looking at only 2 1/2 months to reach around a 20 pound weight loss. And, if she were on the higher end of the range at around 5 pounds per week, she was looking at only a month to reach her goal.

Still, even at only a month, you have to figure that the plan is designed for you to eat five of the Medifast meals per day along with one large "lean and green meal." So, if the dieter in question was going to be on this diet for around a month, she was looking at ordering 150 individual meals. The pricing for Medifast is set up so that you get a discount for ordering in bulk. In other words, the cost per meal is less when you order more food or a package.

Not only that, but most of the time, the company allows you to use the most generous coupons when you are ordering a monthly package. So, theoretically, she could have used the $55 dollars off (or weeks of free food) coupon (depending on what was being offered at the time) and end up paying quite a bit less than she would if she attempted to order 150 individual meals before shipping is even calculated.

I often tell people that the individual meals can make sense when you know that you need to lose much less weight than would come off over the course of a few weeks to a month. I find that this isn't the case for most though. Most people are looking at a month or more, and in this case, you generally end up paying less with a package where you can take advantage of coupons. And, there's the possibility that you have extra food to play with when you transition to the maintenance phase.

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