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Pure Hoodia Gordonii – What Is The Science Behind It?

8/19 9:15:05

Where can you find pure Hoodia Gordonii? The Hoodia Gordonii is actually a plant that grows in certain parts of the Kalahari Desert of South Africa.  Though it is called the African cactus because it has similarities of a cactus plant spikes, skin and roots but it is not a cactus at all. It is from the family Asclepiadaceae which is a widely distributed family of herbs and shrubs. Flies pollinate it and it has a smell that of rotten meat.  For thousands of years, the African Bushmen has benefited from it because the Hoodia Gordonii has aided them by curbing their hunger and thirst while giving them ample energy to continue on with their week long hunting trips.


How does the Hoodia Gordonii plant do this? Researchers have isolated the molecule that stifles the appetite in the late 90's and named it P57. They named it as such for the reason that it was simply the 57th Product they had been working on. It was removed from the heart of the plant making the rest of the plant skin, spike, and roots useless. When we eat sufficient amount of food our glucose levels or blood sugar rises, sending signals to the brain that we are full and when we expend all that energy through physical or mental aspects our glucose levels runs low and informs us that we are hungry. The P57 corresponds to the effect glucose has on the brain many times over. It was said that if you consume a banana sized Hoodia Gordonii plant you will have an appetite suppression effect for almost 24 hours at the same you also feel rejuvenated.


What makes the pure Hoodia Gordonii so significant among the rest of the dietary supplements in the market today? Other supplements work on your body by supercharging you system in effect you become physically active thus burning more calories. But if you take in more calories during the day then you would have gained the same maybe more of the calories that you used up. The Hoodia Gordonii removes the need to eat in between meals and give you enough energy to got through your normal day to day activities. Making you lose weight effectively.


Clinical studies were also conducted to prove that the molecule from the Hoodia plant really worked. By giving the P57 extract to a group of overweight but healthy individuals showed that they significantly lost weight because they ate less without feeling weak at all. The next time you come across the pure Hoodia Gordonii you already have a pretty good idea how it works on your body.


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