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Fat Burning Furnace Ebook - Why Being Healthy Often Fails

8/19 9:13:56

Fat Burning Furnace

As Americans continue shovelling Big Macs down, some have started looking for ways to lead a healthier lifestyle.  A healthier lifestyle can lead to many things, including better looks, a lower risk for disease, and just all around more energy.  These things aside, many people simply give up after trying to be healthy and failing.  But why do so many fail?

One of the biggest causes of failure is the media.  Not only do they shove fad diets and worthless exercise machines down our throats, but they endorse starvation, surgery and even eating disorders.  The media is one of the biggest downfalls of the healthy lifestyle, simply because people believe the garbage they're feeding us.  Litterally nothing the media has said about health and fitness recently has been true, and it is destroying a lot of people's valuble efforts.

Another reason many people fail is because of simple misconception of how the body works.  Many try to cut out an essential part of the diet thinking it will help them lose weight.  The biggest target is carbs; many think cutting out carbs will help you lose weight.  This is not true.  Cutting out carbs completely will not only fail to help you lose weight, it can also force you to gain more weight.  The body depends heavily on carbs, and if you cut them out, your body goes into starvation mode where it stores as much energy (fat) as it can.

I've tried a lot of methods, but the one that finally worked for me is Fat Burning Furnace.  It's made by simple people like you and me, without the media having anything to do with it.  It really works, and it takes so little time that anyone can do it.

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