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How To Get The Best Medifast Discount

8/19 9:13:43

There are many good aspects of the medifast diet. It's generally effective for most people. It works quickly. The foods are mostly decent, and the company is usually offering some sort of discount or special. I'll explain how the process works and tell you how you can get the best discount that saves you the most money in this article.

Getting The Best Medifast Discount: Should You Save Money Or Get Free Food?: I've placed many orders during my time on this diet. You can almost always get something added (food) or get something taken off (money.) Either way, you are going to greatly benefit. Here's how it works. In order to be offered these incentives, you'll need to buy a package. (Most people will go with the women's four week package. This is also called the "five plus one" because you eat six meals on it.) I believe that this one is so popular because it works out to cost the least per meal. Generally speaking, without any coupons, it cost about $299 for a month's worth of food – about two dollars per meal.

Usually monthly, the company unleashes a coupon, discount, or special. Sometimes, it will be money off or your order. Sometimes, it's free food (usually 2 weeks worth). These usually don't run concurrently. Either way, you're going to save well over $50, and usually a great deal more. Here's why. Two weeks worth of free food is a whopping seventy meals. You can do the math at $2 each. This is a very significant savings – taking your cost per meal to a price on par with a cup of roman noodles.

What's The Deal With Auto Ship? (Hint: You Don't Have To Go With Auto Ship To Get The Savings): Many people assume that to get the free food or monetary discount, you have to sign up for auto ship. (Auto ship is where you get monthly packages automatically sent to you once you run out of the previous month's food.) This assumption isn't true. Auto ship will often give you EXTRA money off ON TOP of the savings you've already gotten. So, with this option, you'll often get three weeks' worth of free food instead of two. This is certainly worth it if you're going to be on the diet for a while. But, if you're are only going to be on the diet short term, or if you're not or are just looking to lose 20 pounds, you aren't required to do this. (In fact, this is never a requirement.)

Don't Forget To Use The Latest Medifast Coupon / Discount Code To Get Your Savings: If you're trying to order a package, have a discount code and notice that nothing is happening, make sure that you actually entered the code. (I know it sounds silly, but many people skip this step. The box to enter the code is located on the bottom of the order page right before you hit submit.) The code is often a phrase (one or two words) that changes often. If you've entered the code and nothing is happening, check to make sure you're using the latest, most current available. They do change often, so what worked a few months ago may not always work today.

To obtain the most current medifast promotional codes / links, please visit http://easiest-diet.com/ which also offers tips, how tos, articles, and a free ebook on achieving success with the medifast diet.

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