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What Is The Lowest Price For Medifast?

8/19 9:13:43

Since I very often write about medifast and share my experiences on it, many people contact me through my site and ask "what is really the best price for medifast and how can I get it?" I will answer these questions in this article, but first a bit of background.

I've been on this diet for over a year and have lost quite a bit of weight on it.  So, I've placed many online orders and have gone through this process several times. Other than my initial order, I've never paid full price or I've often received weeks' worth of free food.  Here's how it works.

First, you may know this already this, but with medifast, you eat five (5) of the company's meals per day.  These are provided for and shipped to you. They are prepackaged, so very little preparation is involved.  And, in order to really save money, you'll need to go with a package rather than individual items.  I know some folks will grab an order full of only shakes or bars, but if you are going to order this way, you'll still need enough of these so that you can consume five of them per day. And, buying them by the piece means that you will pay more more than if you bought them individually.  To really get the cost down, you'll have to do what most medifast clients do – buy in volume, which means buying a monthly package.

There are a few of these packages to chose from, but by far the most popular is the women's four week package.  (A close second is the momentum package which contains ingredients that boost your metabolism.)  This package costs $299 and it contains 143 meals – which is enough to last you a month.  This works out to be just slightly over two bucks per meal.  Not bad, when you consider the cost of a weeks' worth of groceries today, not to mention the costs of gas.

But, you can do even better than this. Because the company offers a series of coupons and specials that will cut this down even further.  There are usually alternating specials.  There is usually only one offer running at a time and the company changes the codes and offers frequently.  Usually, you can either get two weeks' worth of free food or a little over $50 off of your order (two weeks worth of free food saves you more in the end because this is actually worth about $70.)

Either of these can substantially whittle your cost down.  For example, if you got two weeks' worth of free food, you'd be paying about $300 for 213 instead of 143 meals.  This works out to about $1.40 per meal or $7 per day.

But, to take advantage of this, always remember to enter in the promo / coupon code that you are given.  You will see the blank box for the code at the end / bottom of the order form.  Make sure that you enter in the code which is usually a phrase or word.  Don't forget this step or the company has no way to know that you have a coupon and you won't get the savings.

Lindsey offers the most current, updated links to the latest medifast specials, deals and coupon codes on her Medifast review website. You can also get a copy of her free "Getting The Most Out Of Medifast" ebook by visiting http://easiest-diet.com/

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