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Three Habits Of Extremely Faulty Relationships

8/19 9:13:32

Habits can be beneficial and advantageous to a couple but some can spoil and even harm the relationship. Any habit that makes your partner upset and gloomy imperils the perfect bond. Once reckless acts are recurrent, these will eventually create an adverse effect to the relationship. Let's look and contemplate at some of the highly destructive habits that can threaten the couple's bond.


Constant reproach or criticism on the part of either partner can lead to a vicious cycle. Both partners blame each other for a certain problem and each finds his way to attack the other. This will automatically results to a fight either verbally or the worse, physical abuse. Listening will likely be necessary to help the couple not to get defensive right away and the best way to avoid this kind of situation is learning how to appreciate each other's good deeds.


To nag connotes to repeatedly complain, find faults and persistently annoy another person. Most women consider it as one of the gestures of loving their partner but men do not. One of the negative effects of nagging is the bitter resentment to the person being nagged. The feeling of being controlled can also leads to a rebellious and unruly acts which are very detrimental to the relationship.

So how do we stop nagging? Being able to understand your partner will generate a much better bond. Hear out and treat each other with respect in order for you to avoid a broken relationship.

Pesky behaviors

Irritating or pesky behaviors can piss off your partner like gossiping your love life to your pals. Your partner will likely feel embarrassed, especially when you kiss-and-tell. He will definitely find it cheap and tacky. Being jealous is okay not until you accuse each other of cheating without any basis or evidence. This will make your partner feels manipulated and over controlled. Being too dramatic is also annoying, especially when your partner often burst into tears just seeing your picture on social networking site with your officemate with no malice at all.

If you want to save your relationship, better avoid these habits and continue nurturing a positive and healthy relationship.

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