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Eat Yourself thin

8/19 9:13:30

How would you like to be able to eat yourself thin? Still being able to enjoy all the tasty foods that you eat at the moment without having to worry about gaining weight well the good news is you you can.

Everybody would love to be able to eat what they want and still look and feel great, unfortunatly this isnt a reality for everyone there are few among us who can do this and get away with it. Most people have to be careful with their calorie intake, exercise daily, say no when they want to say yes and this can become frustrating and annoying.

Top Tips:

Choose "Smart Snacks" that add as a filler in between meals like carrots or melons can cause you to feel full and help you own your way to healthy weight loss

Knock Out the Bread" this a senseless carb try lettuce wraps instead!

Example: slice Lean Turkey or Chicken and divide it into 5 or 6 Roman Leaves rolled up with tomatoes and Reduced Fat Mayo place of your typical sandwich.

You could always opt for 2 packs of microwave oatmeal as your lunch. This is a sure fire way to fill you up fast and last through till your next snack.


Eat a sensible dinner filled with veggie like green beans, corn and baked potatoes. Limit the amount of butter to say 1 TBS per potatoe opt for Sea Salt instead of iodized salt and olive oil instead of vegetable oil. Grilled or steamed Chicken or Fish can be paired with a side salad (no cucumbers they are gassy) with olive oil and vinegar as dressing.

Example: My favorite meal to make for myself is pan seared Tilapia (in olive oil) with No Salt seasoning, sauté mushrooms with Garlic, Sea Salt and Pepper and a baked potatoe with 1 tbs of butter and NO sour cream.

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