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Strip That Fat Reviews

8/19 9:13:25

I had read a lot of Strip That Fat reviews and was getting curious about the Strip That Fat Diet.  So I decided to get the Strip That Fat Diet for myself and see what I thought.  I have been a dieter all of my life.  I hate being fat but I love bad-for-you foods.  So I have had a lot of experience.  I just recently lost 44 pounds and I hope this time it is for good.

The thing that I first noticed when I downloaded the Strip That Fat Diet material was that just like the Strip That Fat Reviews had claimed you were given access for life to everything in the program for a one time fee.  Well, actually there are two different levels you can enroll under, but you get everything in that level for life.

What I Liked About The Strip That Fat Diet

I had read about the Strip That Fat Diet Generator in the Strip That Fat reviews but when I tried it I really fell in love with it.  Besides being so easy a child could use it and its great shopping list generator, it gives you ownership over your weight loss.  Instead of someone or some manual giving you step by step instructions on just whet to do.  You actually make the food choices you want and it generates a 2 week menu plan complete with a shopping list. Every two weeks I sat down and planned my menus.

Another sweet thing about the Strip That Fat Diet is the manuals you get.  You have that calories of almost every food you can imagine at your fingertips.  This really helps educate you and helps you plan exciting weight loss menus.

I also loved the support.  I had read about Cara in Strip That Fat reviews but I didn't realize how quickly she would respond to questions.  I was also surprised by how active and helpful everyone was in the forum.  

The last  thing I was impressed with was the rapid weight loss phase that the Strip That Fat Diet provides.  This quick start phase.  Who doesn't like to shed 10 pounds in the first two weeks?  You can repeat this phase again for another 10 pounds if you like.

What I didn't Like About The Strip That Fat Diet

There were somethings that the Strip That Fat Reviews didn't warn you about and to be honest some people look at this a s plus.  But I am lazy and like to throw things in the microwave.  The Strip That Fat Diet requires planning and cooking.  This I found a little daunting, but if you like to cook then it is no big deal.

The Bottom Line

The Strip That Fat Diet is an easy all round healthy way to lose weight.  It is also great for maintaining that weight loss which I didn't find mentioned in Strip That Fat reviews.  You can use the menu planner for the rest of your life to prepare healthy menus for you and your family.  For a lot more Strip That Fat reviews you can visit my website.

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