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Twinkie Diet - Does It Really Work To Lose Weight?

8/19 9:13:24

I have heard of lots of weird diets before, but nothing takes the cake (no pun intended) like the Twinkie Diet. For 10 weeks a Human Nutrition professor at Kansas State University name Mark Haub, ate Twinkies every three hours instead of regular meals. He also added other junk foods like Little Debbie snacks, Doritos chips, sugary cereals and Oreos to his diet plan.


The professor was trying to illustrate a point that calorie counting is the key to losing weight. And not so much what you eat, but the amount of foods you eat. This guy was able to prove his point by losing 27 pounds in two months by being on what was later referred to as the Twinkie Diet.


And for a man of his size he needed to consume 2600 daily, so what he did was lower his calorie consumption to only 1800 calories a day. He just followed a simple rule of dieting and weight loss, burn more calories than you consume. If you can burn 2000 calories a day, but you only consume 1000 calories you will lose weight.


It sounds so simple, but yet most people don't get it when it comes to weight loss.  The Twinkie Diet also showed that you can eat your favorite foods in moderation and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. The professor also lower his body mass index from 28.8 which is considered overweight for his age and height, to 24.9 which is considered normal for his age and height. He was also able to lower his cholesterol levels while on the Twinkie Diet. He lowered his bad cholesterol LDL by 20 percent, and raised his good cholesterol or HDL by 20 percent as well.


That part of his experiment on the Twinkie Diet has probable got the medical community puzzled because of what he ate during his experiment. Some of the main points to take away from the Twinkie Diet are that you can lose weight if you are willing to make some lifestyle changes.


Dieting is all about change, and to be a successful dieters you got to make changes permanently in your life. Most people fail at dieting because they just want a quick fix that will help them lose weight overnight. Or they jump on every new diet plan they see on TV and wonder why it didn't work for them.


Weight loss and exercise are two important steps to living longer and staying health. If you want to lose the weight and keep if off you can do it if you just follow some basic principles of weight loss.


Take in less than you burn.


I found the Twinkie Diet to be very interesting and educational at the same time. The Twinkie Diet proves that it doesn't matter that much about what you eat, but more about how much you eat. Now I personally would not want to go on a diet of Twinkies because I think that is too much sugar for me. However, you may feel differently about it.





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