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HCG for Weight Loss - Can You Use Medications With HCG Products?

8/19 9:13:12

It is not uncommon to wonder about the use of HCG for weight loss products and the potential interaction with certain medications. Here we will examine any potential interactions HCG drops or injections may have with a medication. We will also examine how the issue can be dealt with successfully. In some cases, speaking with a doctor is advised.

When engaging in HCG for weight loss dieting, sometimes people experience leg cramps due to oxygen deprivation of the muscles or due to a low potassium level. This problem can be alleviated in two ways; the dieter can take a multivitamin or a potassium supplement every day, and the dieter can get a few minutes of walking in every day. Walking will stretch the muscles, will provide oxygen to the cells, and will reduce unwanted leg cramping. It is imperative to avoid excessive exercise however. You don't want to trick your body into believing that you are starving or that you suddenly need massive calories for body energy use.

Some people using hormone supplements may want to take advantage of the HCG for weight loss dieting plan. While this is possible, it is highly recommended that a person speak with his or her doctor first to make sure that HCG products will not interact with the hormones one is already taking. In fact, a full physical is a great idea before beginning the HCG diet plan or any other dieting plan for that matter.

Along with hormone supplements, some women want to know more about birth control and how it interacts with HCG products. Women can use HCG safely, even when taking an oral contraceptive. Women should note however, that the HCG products used for weight loss promotion can also cause the ovaries to be stimulated too.

Some people ask if an anti-inflammatory product or if aspirin can be used while on the HCG for Weight Loss plan. If you need to use a pain medication while on the diet, it is perfectly safe to do so. You will have to follow the dosing instructions on the packaging of the pain medication however. If you want to use a prescribed medication, it is always recommended that you talk to a pharmacist or a doctor before you do so.

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