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HCG Diet Reviews of the Dr Simeons HCG Diet

8/19 9:13:11

Reviews of the Dr Simeons HCG Diet are quite revealing. Any dieter looking to know more about the program, its creator, how the diet works, and the steps one needs to take to be successful can find what they seek in the myriad online reviews of the diet. HCG diet reviews are primarily positive and highly suggestive, indicating that the Dr Simeons Diet is indeed an effective method for weight reduction.

HCG diet reviews indicate that this diet has been a bit controversial. Concerns about the use of injections have been cited, but now that issue has been addressed with the creation of easy to use, safe HCG drops. Diet reviews cite scientific data and real world experiences, all which indicate the power of the diet plan. First, those dieters that have used HCG drops or injections have continually indicated their impressive weight loss success. Secondly, a close examination of reviews indicate that Dr. Simeons had conducted rigorous testing on the product and the plan, thus proving its effectiveness and that the diet can be used safely by men and women.

Diet reviews examine the coupling of a low calorie diet with supplement use and the use of a low calorie diet without HCG supplement use too. The findings are remarkable and lean in favor of using HCG products. Why? HCG products diminish the hunger one would otherwise experience if the products were not used. While eating 500 calories in a day may seem like starving oneself on any other diet, the HCG weight loss program works on a 500-calorie diet with no hunger cravings. What this means is that dieters are dropping as much as three pounds a day without thinking about food constantly.

As a dieter examines HCG Diet Reviews, they will often come across a few reviews that are less than positive. These reviews should be examined with a critical eye however. One will find that they are written by someone who has never even been on the Dr Simeons HCG Diet or a person that did not successfully complete the plan for whatever reason. Such reviews should be compared to the hundreds of reviews citing positive benefits from HCG use.

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