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HCG for Weight Loss - Common Questions About the HCG Product

8/19 9:13:09

HCG for weight loss is a diet that can prove very successful. Dieters sometimes have questions about HCG drops, injections, and how they work. There are a number of common questions that dieters tend to ask. Here we will examine such questions and provide answers so that dieters can feel more confident when using the HCG product.

One common question that people ask about HCG for weight loss products is whether or not they can use vitamin supplements and potassium supplements while using the HCG products. The answer to this question is simple; if the dieter is already making use of a multivitamin every day, than the need for a potassium supplement is thereby eliminated. What's more, the vitamin supplement can be safely used with HCG supplements, and it is, in fact, recommended that dieters take a multivitamin each day to maintain bodily nutrient levels.

Women that partake of the HCG diet are often concerned with what kind of cosmetic and health products they can use. The reason being is that it is recommended that the HCG dieter stay away from cosmetics and beauty aids that contain any kind of fat or grease. As long as the cosmetics are oil free and fat free, they are perfectly fine to use however. Women also wonder if the HCG product will have an adverse affect on the use of an oral birth control method. The HCG products can be used safely without an issue and it will not hinder the effectiveness of feminine birth control methods like birth control pills.

Another common question that dieters pose about HCG for Weight Loss diet is whether or not they should workout and how often they should work out. Dieters can use the HCG product and lose weight with minimal exercise required. In fact, the only kind of exercise that is recommended is low impact exercises. To exercise extensively can cause the body to trigger a metabolic starvation mode. One should not work out more than three days a week and the exercise should be light like walking or relaxed cycling.

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