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Best Way To Lose Weight Fast #1 – Doin' More With Less

8/19 9:13:00

I've been telling people for a while now that circuit training is about the best way to lose weight fast that you can do (not to mention it's a great cardio workout), but I know some folks aren't convinced yet.

So let's look at why it is.

First of all, circuit training – as long as it's done correctly – which includes:

-the right kinds of exercises

-everything done in the right order

-the right amount of weight being used (for the sets and reps)

-the right kinds of "active rest" (stuff that keeps you working while you're "resting)
-and more…

This kind of training is tons better for losing weight than normal "cardio".

It's better than longer, slower, "distance" cardio, because it's so much more intense. You're going to burn many more calories during a workout that's the same length (i.e. – you'll burn more calories during a 30 min circuit training workout than you will a 30 mins cardio workout).

And because the workout *is* more intense, your metabolism is gonna stay "jacked up" and you'll continue to burn calories long after the workout is over, too…something long, boring cardio doesn't do.

Burning more calories *during* the workout + burning more calories *after* the workout = more weight lost

(And it takes a FRACTION of the time that long, slow, distance cardio takes!)

Circuit training – what I believe is the best way to lose weight fast –  also has a ton of other awesome benefits "cardio" doesn't:

-it won't burn out the nervous system like hardcore interval training can

-no repetitive or overuse injuries, shock, or trauma to the joints like distance cardio can cause

-just as effective on the upper body as it is the lower body (how many cardio workouts work the upper body?)

-builds muscle (which takes more calories to maintain…you're burning calories and losing weight even when you're not doing anything!)

Should I keep going? Because I can…for a long time. But you should have gotten the hint by now. When it comes to losing weight fast, circuit training is "where it's at".

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