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Live In Weight Loss-Biggest Loser Lifestyle Fitness at Home

8/19 9:12:51

Live-in weight loss programs succeed in teaching overweight clients how to eat and live to be fit. It's a simple concept based on the Biggest Loser reality TV show. The show follows progress of overweight men and women from week-to-week. The reality is that people can lose weight correctly when doing all the right things at the same time.

The self-defeating behaviors of an overweight person can squander away years with failed attempts at weight loss. Once this pattern has been ingrained, the longer it prevails the harder it is to change it. The one-stop solution is live-in weight loss done Biggest Loser style.

Breaking out of the usual self-sabotaging pattern, changing your environment while being accountable under expert supervision is the key to weightloss success—in a nutshell.

The Big Difference
Drop-in versus live-in weight loss offers more or less the same services. However, the one key benefit of live-in weight loss is 24/7 supervision and accountability. You can drop in for a workout, and then go home to all your self-defeating influences. Live-in weight loss doesn't allow you to fail. It keeps you highly motivated, well supervised and on track all day. You are guaranteed to get to bed on time and get up on time. You will be told how much to eat and drink and when. You will be motivated and led through upbeat workouts by enthusiastic instructors. This is something you cannot easily duplicate on your own.

Calculate and Evaluate
Factor in what you would pay for up to 6 daily meals, accommodations, classes, and fitness services. The going rates are comparable to regular travel expenses. That can vary depending on whether you choose 3-star or 5-star places. The cost of live-in weight loss can vary with the added extras that don't necessarily aid you in losing weight, but pamper you while you lose.

Be Accountable
Being accountable doesn't mean you will have a drill sergeant in your face 24/7. Simply being held accountable is what you need. Most weight loss clients welcome a disciplined regimen because they know that is exactly what they need. Discipline is the missing link to making weight loss happen and being able to maintain an ideal body weight for years to come.

Go for Results
Once the new habits are formed and the results are showing, it is easy to continue doing what works. The results will perpetuate more of the same once you get that far. Getting past the initial phase of change is the most difficult part. Without having a coach or a strong support person on a daily basis, you are left to your old drawbacks.

Don't "Should" on Yourself
Avoid the tendency to "should" on yourself. All too often, overweight people make statements like, "I should just start exercising before and after work because I can do it at home." This is highly unlikely to happen and to feel guilty for not doing so is not constructive.

Starting a diet and exercise program alone without support is grueling because of the self-defeating thoughts of guilt and remorse. Without the right encouragement, you can easily feel overwhelmed with your weight loss goals. Even the few self-starters who manage to break the ice alone, do so at risk of overdoing it. Often the guilt drives people to punish themselves by doing too much, too soon.

Live-in weight loss teaches you how to eat, move, and live a fit lifestyle. To learn what to do at home, you need to start away from home. Change your environment long enough to establish your new habits and then change your home environment to support your new habits. That is why live in weight loss programs get results that last.

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