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Can You Make Weekly Payments For Nutrisystem?

8/19 9:12:50

I recently heard from someone who was interested in beginning the nutrisystem diet but who didn't want to make a monthly commitment. She asked in part: "is it possible to go week to week on nutrisystem or to pay weekly? I would rather make smaller weekly payments rather than larger monthly payments. How can I do this?" I'll address these questions in the following article.

There Is A Weekly Option With Nutrisystem: The company does allow for you to place weekly order. You just have to know where to find this on the website. To make a weekly order, you'll need to choose and indicate the package you want. You can chose from women's and men's basic, diabetic, or vegetarian. Once you chose, you'll hit the order screen. Then, you'll need to scroll all the way down to the bottom until you see "other options." Click "other options" and then you can chose the number of weeks for which you will be placing an order. If you only want one weeks' worth of food, you would chose one.

Ordering this way does work out to be more expensive than ordering monthly in the long run. Since you can use the good coupons with the monthly packages, you pay much less per meal by ordering a larger package. But, I do realize that some people prefer smaller orders placed more frequently. However, if you know that you're going to be on the diet for at least a month, then it can make sense to go ahead and go for the monthly package as you'll pay less for it, especially when you use coupons.

Using Bill Me Later With Your Nutrisystem Order: Sometimes, when people approach this topic, what they would really like is to place a large or monthly order but want to make weekly payments so that they aren't having to come up with a large amount of money at once. The company has teamed up with "Bill Me Later" which is a third party company that allows you to pay for your purchase later. It's my understanding that payments are possible this way, but I've not used the service and it's my understanding that payments are to Bill Me Later rather than to nutrisystem.

Still, I do believe that although a monthly package is the cheapest way to order your food, I also believe that a weekly package is cheaper than trying to purchase all of your meals a la carte. Generally speaking, the more food you buy, the better the coupons that are offered and the more your cost per meal comes down.

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