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How Effective Are Your Workouts?

8/19 9:11:40

The effectiveness of ones exercise routine should be based upon ones personal fitness goals. If you are looking to lose weight, low to moderate workouts are the best exercises to burn fat. Every level of exercise has its own exercises, intensity and weight, repetitions and rest periods. Therefore if you have never worked out before or are just returning to exercise after a long break then you need to start out with lower intensity, and weight and higher repetitions and rest periods. As your body adapts to the exercise your muscles will acclimatize and your program will adjust. Make sure your goals match the type of physical activity that you are doing. Personal trainers are a great guide to developing an effective and efficient workout routine. Based on your goals they can tell you the best types of exercises, how long you should workout, the intensity, the repetitions and the rest periods. Not to mention they can monitor your technique and push you towards your goals.

All effective workout routines have three additional components that maximize the effectiveness of exercise. Warm up, cool down, and stretching are three key elements that not only reduce the risk of injury, but assist the body in achieving the best performance while exercising. The warm up increases the blood flow throughout the body and allows the muscles to prepare for physical activity. Stretched muscles not only increase performance but also improve flexibility, agility and mobility. A proper cool down that includes stretching reduces lactic acid buildup in the muscles, which has been known to cause muscle soreness. In addition, the muscles are able to repair and grow, faster.

At Malibu Gym we believe that fitness is only the beginning to changing your life forever.  Through exercise, you can increase your energy, sculpt your body, refresh your mind, improve your confidence and move towards obtaining a wellness lifestyle.

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