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Enjoy the Holidays And Avoid Getting Fat In Summer

8/19 8:33:21
Summer, especially the holidays, is more likely to lead to a few extra pounds because people’s carelessness. It’s summer. In winter, people know how to and they are always be ready to fight with weight get. But summer, especially the holidays, is more likely to lead to a few extra pounds because people’s carelessness. The barbecues in your backyard, s’mores around the campfire, and the creamy vanilla ice cream-they are delicious and add more fun in your life, but do be a bad thing to break your diet plan. Well, you don’t want to make your efforts in vain, do you?

Holidays are wonderful, and why we have to restrict ourselves so much and cannot enjoy the life? But if you really don’t want to have a bloated figure, which also cause many unexpected diseases, you’d better take care of your meals. As the saying goes, “detail is the key of success.” Sounds quite reasonable, right?

OK. Now I want to share some nutrition and fitness tips for your beautiful summer days. We will show these tips based on calories in foods.

Eat low-calories foods.
Some people are used to counting calories of what they eat, and some doctors give their recommendations through this way. It is troublesome to some people, but, useful to some extent.

For example, the pasta salad tastes good to go with burgers and hot dogs. But a cup of pasta salad can equal more than 500 calories. WOW! So, to cutting back calories, try whole-wheat pasta and light vinaigrette or low-calorie Italian dressing. And while you are making coleslaw or potato salad, use light or non-fat mayonnaise.

Eat fresh fruit as dessert.
It is good to have a snack or dessert while you have achieved some goals as a small prize. It would be an encouragement. But do not do it all the time.

Why not take the seasonal, fresh fruits instead of high-calories, high-fat desserts? They are also delicious and healthier, such as watermelon. Watermelon contains low calories, and it fills you up because it’s 92 percent water.

Watch what you drink.
Under the high temperature, and burning sun, it is really nice to have a refreshing, cold drink. But high-calorie beverages like regular soda, juices, alcohol, and sweetened iced tea can only add calories and won’t fill you up.

So, drink water with lemon or lime, or seltzer or unsweetened iced tea can also be good.

Attend fewer parties.
Summer is a good season for outdoor activities. And most summer activities, like picnics and barbecues, can revolve around an unlimited spread of food. If you do like these activities, then you should act smart enough. Don’t overload your plate and try to avoid going back for seconds. Stay with your family and friends more, and make it your focus, not the foods.

Do some exercises.
An interesting thing is that almost every article providing tips will contain a tip “do more exercises”. Summer is a good season that you can do more outdoor activities, and may cause less injury.

Summer is also a good time for beach vacations. You can see some tips that doing some sports in the water can be a great way to make a good body shape. So don’t spend all your time relaxing in the sand. Why not go swimming? Or you can also try others, like kayaking, or take a hike-anything you like and can burn calories will do.

If you are too busy and don’t have any time to go to beach for vacation, you can run early in the morning or in the evenings. But don’t run while it is hydrated. If it is too hot and humid to run outside, move your runs indoors to the treadmill or try other activities… Well, what about yoga?

I think the most important thing is to enjoy every minute in our life without ruining our life in the future. So, live healthy and be happy!
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