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How to lose weight in a week – 3 simple steps to burn fat fast

8/19 8:31:13
Tell me what do you think your metabolism is doing for your body? Well the metabolism is what burns your fat and endure your weight loss. The importance of weight loss is significant to your health and over all mental state. Learn what you can do right now to burn off that stubborn fat. Tell me what do you think your metabolism is doing for your body? Well the metabolism is what burns your fat and endure your weight loss. The importance of weight loss is significant to your health and over all mental state.

You have to make the most important decision to decide whether you want to care for your health or not. Its your choice and no one can decide for you. You are going to have to do some work and no not a construction load just some push on your part to get to your desired goal.

Remember its your word that counts. If you want to be in a size 3 then only you can make that happen. Now that we got that down get ready to learn what you can do right away. Your going to learn how to burn off the fat with 3 easy to do at home lessons you can implement in the comfort of your own home or work area.)
home or at your work place.

The thing is that you don't have to put yourself through big changes or anything. This diet change will not deprive you from your treats and snacks. You don't have to remake your whole lifestyle just a few simple changes.

These three easy tips will work wonders for your long term health state.

Lesson #1:

Substitute one or two of your daily intakes with a smoothie or nutritious shake.)
Shakes or smoothies are tasty and nutritious. Now don't worry shakes/smoothies are delicious when made properly. And you get to choose if you want to replace breakfast and lunch or just one.

These replacement drinks will not just help you from consuming too much calories but if included with protein powder it should keep you from feeling hungry all the time. Though smoothies /shakes are relatively easy to make at home you are more then welcomed to buy store made drink meals such as Special K or Slim Fast shakes.

This is a recipe I use to to brew up a nutritious smoothie:

4(Four) c. of ice, 2 (two) c. of strawberries, 1 (one) c. of blueberries, 1 (one) c. of broccoli, 2 (two) c. of carrots, 3 (three) c. of beets, 1 (one) sliced apples, 2 (two) c. soy milk, 1 (one) c. of water, and 2 (two) c. of light orange juice.

Properly mix them together in a blender and if you have the dial option of “liquify” if you don't have that selection then use the highest speed you have available.

This is a quick but very delicious recipe for a milk shake:

1 (one) Scoop of protein powder ( Protein powder is good for the muscles and your hunger pangs) ( 4 (four) c. of soy milk, 2 (two) c. of water, 1 (one) teasp. Of vitamin powder (this is optional) 1 ½ ( one and a half) c. of half and half, 1 (one) c. of coco solution of any kind or 1 (one) c. of chocolate, or 1 (one) c. of strawberry syrup (You can substitute with any flavored syrup)
or strawberry syrup( if you have any other flavored syrup be my guess and
substitute with those)

4 (four) c. of crushed ice. Mix those ingredients in a good quality blender thoroughly until the shake is properly thick. Served cold.

Lesson #2:

Substitute your snacks with more nutritious and healthy fruits/vegetables. You can exchange one snack schedule with your favorite snacks such as cookies or maybe a slice of cheesecake every 2nd day of every week. You are allowed to enjoy two snacks a day in between your balanced meals. The time frame you would eat your snacks are for example 10 am and 3 pm.

This is a schedule of your daily intake:

7 a.m. Breakfast block

10 a.m. Snack Block #1

12 a.m. Lunch Block

3 p.m. Snack Block #2

6 p.m. Dinner Block

You are going to have meals such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner but the meal size will be balanced and a bit smaller then your average consumption. Well it really depends on how much food you consume a day. Take one day out of your schedule and east as normal as you would eat without consciously thinking of being on a diet. And write down the calories of every food you consume that day.

Take the time at the end of the say and add up all the calories you consumed. Then you would subtract 500 calories from the sum, afterwords divide the outcome by six. This step is a bit tricky but you should be able to understand make sure you subtract anywhere from fifty to one hundred calories from your snack blocks and then distribute them equally to the lunch block and your dinner block.

So your bigger meals will have the appropriate calorie consumption that way you don’t feel hungry as often. You are allowed to exchange one of your snack blocks with a tasty yet guilty treat like maybe a slice of cheese cake or a lemon square bar.

Lesson #3:

Its important to do some form of exercise to burn those stubborn calories. If you didn’t know already then let me be the first to let you know that exercise furnaces your metabolism. And guess what? Your metabolism down sizes the fat stored in your body.

There are many options of exercise for you. You can jog in the comfort of your own home or spend 30 minutes jogging out around the neighborhood. If you have access to Com cast Xfinity program then you can use the exercise videos that comes with it. If not that’s no biggie because there are free online videos that you can search for via Google to get some free vids of cardio blasting work outs.

If you follow this program outlined for you thoroughly then you will see results and lose weight. You can finally look in the mirror with confidence and not fear of your weight overcoming you. Don't worry about wanting to burn calories because if you followed through then results will come in, in no time. No depriving yourself of those heart warming sweet treats or salty snacks.

How much more simple yet truthful can this be? Here is the true secret to this diet. Not only do you eat less but you can eat those junk foods in a much more healthier way. The ingredients you would normally use for those hamburgers or those tangy pastas. You can change them to organic ingredients. That means every thing you put in should be organic and or light. That way you eat more healthier.

There for you can change the ground beef in your burger to ground turkey. That lasagna meat can be exchanged for ground chicken. Look how simple it is to lose weight but we just ignore it. Organic ingredients is the key to a proper weight loss.
Plus always eat in smaller yet balanced portions. I hope your still not asking the question “ How to lose weight in a week? Because its all here. And have been stepped out into easy to follow lessons so that you can understand.
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