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VASER Lipo - Why Is It So Popular?

8/19 8:30:39
VASER liposuction is gaining popularity for the innumerable advantages it offers. Using ultrasound energy, this is a safe treatment, which is far better than the conventional modes of liposuction. To find more read this article. If you are fat or obese, you must be always on the lookout for the best possible way to reduce the oodles of fat from your body. There must be some areas in your body, where even after exercising and dieting, the stored fat doesn’t like to budge. It is very natural to crave for a body with perfect contours, but it is always not possible for you to lose those extra pounds, which if gone, would give you the perfect shape of the body.

Nevertheless, your wait to lose the extra flab is now gone as VASER liposuction is the solution to your problem. It is immensely popular these days so you can give it a try. You must be thinking what makes VASER liposuction so popular that many people try it. The answer to your query is this article that will highlight the reasons of its popularity and the process involved in VASER lipo.

What is VASER liposuction or liposelection?

Before we proceed towards the reasons behind the popularity of VASER liposuction, you need to know, what is exactly VASER liposuction. VASER or Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance Liposuction is a treatment that helps in sculpting the body the way you always dreamt of. It is a great way to reduce stubborn fat from areas, which don’t easily release fat cells even after strenuous exercise or proper calorie free diet. However, before taking on this treatment you have to know that it is specifically meant for people who are a couple of pounds weighing higher than their ideal weight.

So extremely overweight people ideally should opt this treatment only after consulting with the doctor. This is the best alternative in treating specific areas and those people who have fat in some locations of the body genetically. In 2002, FDA has awarded full accreditation to VASER that uses ultrasound technology to reduce fat, as a safe mode of treatment.

Reasons behind its Popularity

• In comparison to the earlier forms of liposuction, VASER lipo can be carried out much faster. The reason behind this is the surgeon doesn’t have to painstakingly cut the fat from your body. Even this process doesn’t involve general anaesthesia. Since local anaesthesia is given to the area being operated, you can see it actually happening and no recovery from anaesthesia is involved in this.
• The suction process is much easier as ultrasound waves are used to break up the fat. Thus, the side affects, risks, and recovery time involved in this is less. Say after 3-5 days, the patient can get back to normal activities.
• The advantage with VASER lipo is that it aims at fat cells leaving out vital tissues like muscles and blood vessels alone. This helps the surgeon to shape the body properly without causing massive swelling, bruising or blood loss.
• The conventional liposuction tends to areas like back, belly, waist, chest or breast and buttocks, whereas VASER lipo tends to unresponsive areas like chin, knees or ankles. This precision allows the surgeons to achieve most effective results in fat reduction.
• Lastly, it comes within the affordable range. Since the cost of anaesthesia, anaesthesiologist and expense during the recovery period is not there, it is quite inexpensive.

For all the reasons stated above, VASER liposuction or liposelection is the best way for body sculpting. These are the reasons why it is becoming so popular that many people are trying it and getting successfully benefited from it.
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