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Guidelines regarding essential vitamins needed after adjustable band surgery

8/19 8:29:27
To get successful adjustable surgery results, you must essential vitamins after lap band treatment like calcium, iron and a good multivitamin in chewable form. After undergoing adjustable band surgery, there are many considerations that you need to go through especially in the cases of food supplements on which the surgery result depends. After this weight loss surgery, as the stomach area gets reduced and thus patients are advised to eat less after which they cannot meet up the essential minerals and nutrients that their body require. So, to meet up the vitamin deficiencies after lap band surgery, you must consume diet consisting of essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

1. You must include calcium as well as iron rich foods in your diet. Along with this, the patient must also take a good multivitamin to meet up all the nutritional deficiencies. But all of these must be taken in a limited amount as overdose can be harmful for your body.

2. Now the question arises that in which form the vitamins should be consumed. You can take them in liquid, powder, pills or in chewable form. But the best among them is the chewable form as it can easily be dissolved and digested as compared to other ones. On the contrary, pills takes a long time to digest and can even lead to irritation and indigestion. So, considering these effects it would better to take the vitamins in chewable form.

3. Another important consideration to be made while consuming vitamins after adjustable band surgery is that you must take the calcium or iron vitamins with a minimum interval of at least 2 hrs for successful results.

4. Apart from vitamins after lap band surgery, you must also go through some dietary guidelines that is strictly advised after this weight loss surgery:

5. The post surgery diet is divided into many phases i.e liquid diet consisting of broth, clear fluids, gelatin. Juices etc and is continued till 2 weeks. Next comes pureed phase in which soft foods like fish, yogurt, and boiled eggs are to be taken till one week. After this, finally start taking solid foods from 4th week onwards.

So, you must go through the above useful dietary guidelines and regularly take vitamins after lap band treatment to get successful surgery results.
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