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Breast Augmentation Surgery in Houston

8/19 8:29:26
Breast augmentation is usually done to bring about a balanced size and shape to the breasts. Some of the popular and AAAASF certified centers in Houston offer customized breast augmentation surgery Cosmetic facilities in Houston have some good news for women who may be unsatisfied with the poor size, shape and volume of their breasts. Some of the popular and AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities) certified centers here offer customized breast augmentation surgery. Board certified plastic surgeons, with years of experience on their side, have the required surgical skills to bring about a balanced size and shape to the breasts.

Breast Implants and Implantation Techniques

Breast enhancement can be achieved by surgically placing implants into the area. Augmentation done through breast implant surgery has been widely welcomed by thousands of women across the world. When it comes to breast implants, one would certainly find a few options. The implants that are commonly used for superior results are:

• Silicone gel implants
• Saline based implants

Both are quite safe in the body and possibilities of complications arising are minimal. The FDA has reintroduced the use of silicone implants after studies have found it safe for use. It is the most preferred choice as it gives a natural look and feel to the breasts.

There are three main types of surgical techniques for inserting breast implants.

• Under breast incision (Inframammary)
• Incision around areola (Periareolar)
• Armpit incision (Transaxillary)

Under Breast Incision - Among the different sites, incision made under the breasts is the most common. It facilitates the accurate positioning of saline and silicone implants with hardly any prominent or visible scarring.

Incision around Areola - The second technique enables placement of the implant in the breast by making an incision around the areola. The darker areola skin with lighter breast skin effectively conceals the incision. However, the limitation is that silicone implants can be placed only if the areola is of the right size.

Armpit Incision (Transaxillary) - An alternative technique for breast implantation is by making an access incision in the armpits region. Not only is the technique unique as it is remote from the breasts but it allows for easy positioning of the implant underneath the muscles. The incisions are known to heal quite well among most patients without causing much discomfort.

Simple and Comfortable Surgical Experience

Plastic surgeons who undertake breast augmentation surgery in Houston would help their patients decide on which implant to choose for obtaining their choice of breast shape, size and form. As experienced specialists, they try their best to make the surgery as simple and comfortable as possible for their patients. Women notice immediate difference in their body and enjoy the shapely contour which goes well with all types of clothing.
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