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A Fast Way of Changing Those Arm Fat into Muscles

8/19 8:28:49
If you want to know if his article is for you all you have to do is a quick self examination test. If you want to know if his article is for you all you have to do is a quick self examination test. You can just feel up the lower part of your upper arms which is usually called the triceps with your hands. If they are loose and indeed fat and you want them to be toned up then read on. Alternatively, you can spread both arms out wide by your side and shake them. You might not really like the sound you hear. It's time to get some muscles there.

It may surprise you to know this but that flab under your arm did not just come because you gained weight very quickly. In fact, you may have actually lost weight and are shocked to see that it is there. The fact is they develop for either of the two reasons; rapid weight gain or loss.
There is a science behind this and let's attempt to use this paragraph to explain it. Your fat cells are actually holding excess 'material' and what that does is to make your loose its elasticity and tone (not the bones now but the flesh). There is no predetermined place where your fat cells must reside. It is all given to genetics. Dealing with them may be as simple as changing some thing about your lifestyle and this will work over time but you can always get the job done faster.

The arm is made up of just one type of muscle bundled together. So do not think for a moment that Barbell curls is the answer to everything because it can only work on certain parts of your arm.

You will have to come up with a plan that works on every part of your arm because both the biceps and triceps each contain other sub-bundles of muscle groups.

Calorie intake helps the accumulation of fat on your arms. Doing something as 'simple' as adjusting your calorie intake through adjusting the kinds of food you eat will cut of the supply line. The thing is no matter the exercise regime you take if you don't balance it out with the kind of food you eat it would always work to nullify the toning up process.

By now you should know that we are not talking of loosing weight but toning your muscles.

• The use of 2 sets of 21s adds great tones to your biceps and the muscles in your forearms.
Don't forget that it must be done properly. Do it while standing and use a curl bar.
The 21 moves you are going to make are split into groups of sevens. The first seven is done halfway towards the curl, the next halfway towards the very top and the last is a full length curl.
This is a high octane exercise and you can add a twist by pumping your wrist twice when executing the first seven as you reach the halfway point before you allow the weight to drop down this adds to tone up the forearm muscles.

• Use Hammer Curls plus triceps to work on the triceps and the outer bicep muscles. Do this about 15 by 3 times whenever you come to this stage. Start standing like the first but to balance out properly one leg should be placed ahead of the other.
If that is not working for you bracing one leg on a chair or exercise bench may do the trick. Using dumbbells, grip them as you would a hammer making sure your palms are inward instead of the other way.
As you curl the weight upwards and it gets to the extension, make sure your arms are stretched all the way so that the triceps are tightened. Go through it each time in slow motion to tone up roundly.

• One of the more traditional and very effective means of toning up the muscles in your arm very fast is push-ups and pull-ups. When doing the push-ups, add some variety by spreading your arms wide, bringing them close together so that they like a foot apart and the diamond style.

Any one of these done consistently can do the trick of toning up your muscles.
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