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Rules for Weight Loss

8/17 18:17:00

A number of myths are associated with various processes to lose weight. But despite that the fact remains the same that loosing weight is not at all a complicated or mysterious process. Weight loss is not at all a hard nut to grind as many people think it to be. Weight loss need not necessarily imply that you have to do vigorous workouts or diet very hard till the time you don抰 faint.

The secret of weight lies in making a little bit change in your daily schedule then you yourself can see all the changes?just you have to do one thing that is follow it strictly.

Here are a few rules listed for weight loss

You have to burn three thousand calories approximately in order to loose one pound over and above what your burn in your day to day routine. It is not impossible as it may sound. Here are a few steps of doing so:

1. Basal metabolic rate should be calculated. Basal metabolic rate is what our body needs to perform all the functions like breathing, digestion etc.

2. Second thing to be calculated is the activity level. A calorie meter should be used to calculate the number of calories you burn throughout the day in doing all the daily routine activities like sitting, walking, weight lifting etc.

3. You should also keep track of your daily calorie intake.?Keeping a track prevents you from having too much or too less calories. You can use a food journal to keep a track of what you eat and drink. If you intake a lesser number of calories and the same time burn them too then you抣l definitely loose weight.

You can make a few changes in your daily routine and keep a check on the number of calories you want to burn to start off with here is a simple example:

1. Instead of having an afternoon coke you can go in for a glass of water after food and by doing so you save up to 97 calories.

2. Rather than eating an egg muffin you can replace it by a whole whet peanut butter sandwich and save 187 calories.

3. Use your break for climbing stairs up and down and hence burn about 100 calories rather than catching up with work or going for a snack.

4. Get up 10 minutes early and go for a walk.

Follow them and see the chance for yourself.

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