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Summer Weight Loss: Tips for Fast Weight Loss

8/17 18:16:32

None of us it that good at sticking to our disciplined weight loss routines, but if you need to lose weight in a hurry, these tips will certainly help

So summer is almost here, yet your summer weight loss program has barely even started. You were planning to go to the pool or beach to get a great tan. At the moment though, it seems unlikely that you will be removing your shirt in the near future. Your body has hung onto those extra winter pounds for a little too long now. You might have planned a long fitness routine to drop the weight in weeks, but no one has the time for this. This will provide tips that will give you an easy summer program to drop the weight quick.

Quick Weight Loss Summer Program

Let's take a look at five ways you can melt that extra fat so you can spend that time in the sun this summer and not turning down all those invitations for pool parties. These won't be easy but with a bit of discipline you will get you the results you want. Think of it this way, its only a couple of weeks.

As your diet is the most important element of weight loss, the first four tips deal with what you will be eating. When you add in the fifth its works synergistically to lose your weight fast. Its been scientifically proven to be the fastest way to lose fat. Following these tips people have lost from 3 to 5 kilograms in 3 weeks. So lets get started:

1. Cut out your starchesOk, the most important part of weight loss is diet, rice and potato's are full of energy, something you don't need a lot of right now. Cutting them out will bring mean that your body is going to have to look elsewhere to find energy if it needs extra, and you will be needing extra when you start tip number 5.

2. Cut out all sugar from your diet.Sugar is the main reason you have extra fat and balancing your blood sugar should be your number one priority. Your aim is give your body a slow stable supply of energy over the course of the day and to avoid any spikes with sugary sweets. Give your body food releases its energy slowly into the bloodstream.

3) Include protein in every meal. Protein slows down digestion and, with it, the release of sugar into your blood stream. It also causes your body burn more energy during the digestion process since it requires so much energy to digest.

4) Have six meals a day.The act of eating burns calories, and the extra meals balance your blood sugar out over the day.

5) Participate in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Exercise is a significant factor when you want to lose excess weight. One big advantage to using Interval Training is that it allows you to burn fat long after the exercise is over - up to 40 hours longer, in fact. In addition it works well with the weight loss tips that have been mentioned above to truly speed up your weight loss. You will need to develop habits that are specific for your weight loss plan.

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