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Tips For Using Hypnosis To Help Lose Weight

8/17 18:14:50

There has been a proliferation of direct and indirect weight loss methods in recent times, and hypnosis is one of them. You may hear radical claims that will try to sell it as a magic formula for weight loss. However, hypnosis is anything but magic. It does work for weight loss,

Obesity is spreading globally at a rapid rate. It has turned out to be one of the biggest challenges of urban life. People struggle to make time for exercise. Healthy and wholesome food is hardly on anyone抯 agenda. Eventually, most people become victims of their own habits, and the battle to fight obesity becomes the battle to fight habits. This is where hypnosis becomes a useful weight loss tool. But the question is: does it really work and how does one draw best use from it?
?BR />How Hypnosis Works
?BR />The first thing you need to know is that the effect of hypnosis on weight loss is indirect. It is meant to alter your image of yourself, your ideas and thereby your habits. This, in turn, should lead to weight loss. A hypnotherapist uses a combination of images, words and suggestions to put your mind in a state of heightened focus, and bring your subconscious mind to the fore. He or she would then directly give instructions and suggestions to your subconscious mind, and attempt to help you alter your body image, thought processes and beliefs, so that you are better equipped to embrace a healthier lifestyle.
?BR />Research On Hypnosis For Weight Loss
?BR />There is very little credible and objective research that proves without doubt that hypnotherapy is a powerful weight loss tool. However, both Mayo Clinic and the International Journal of Obesity acknowledge that it can help subjects lose weight, as long as it is used as one part of a comprehensive weight loss program. In other words, along with your hypnosis sessions, you should also embrace an exercise program and take active steps towards a healthy and balanced diet, including educating yourself if necessary.
?BR />Does It Work on Everyone?
?BR />It is also important to remember that hypnosis for weight loss does not work on everyone. In order to be receptive to this method, you must have complete trust in the hypnotherapist and her methods, and you must be willing to submit your mind to her instructions. It is estimated that 10 to 15 percent of adults do not have the mindset to be receptive to hypnotherapy. So, try it out, but if you don抰 feel it having a powerful enough effect, move on to other weight loss strategies.
?BR />Avoiding Gimmicks
?BR />Bear in mind that ever since hypnosis has become popular for weight loss, there has been a proliferation of self-proclaimed experts, who are either conducting live sessions or selling hypnosis products over the internet. Do not fall for one of these gimmicks. Before you go to a hypnotherapist or buy a product, make sure that the expert is well educated in the science of hypnosis, and a fully qualified practitioner. If you are in the US, check if the hypnotherapist has an active license from the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists.
?BR />A legitimate hypnotherapist will not make radical weight loss claims, nor will she try to book you for a 憃ne session that will change your life? She will give you a frank assessment of the success of hypnosis for weight loss, and will tell you that it largely depends on your receptivity. Besides, she should recommend a minimum of 8 to 12 sessions to affect substantial change.
?BR />If you keep these hypnosis for weight loss tips in mind, you will soon figure out whether the technique is for you, and if it is, you will be able to exploit it to its full potential. Good luck!

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