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Diet Diary Your way to Double the Weight Loss

8/17 18:14:45

Health and weight loss information is bombarding us daily in the news, commercials and infomercials. Would you be interested in how you can actually double your weight loss? This article will show you how.

Big news related to a study on dieting that you will in fact double your weight loss by keeping a food diary as well as just a few additional added tasks. Fairly simple concept that is quite obvious to me as to why you would achieve a much increased better weight loss.Accountability raises the bar when addressing success with weight loss and for that matter most tasks. You merely need to read about the most successful programs for dieting and up pops Weight Watchers every time. Makes complete sense to me that when someone has to weigh in weekly and then attend a meeting in a crowded room with everyone trying to achieve the same objective that the natural conversation is something like; How much weight did you lose this week? Yikes! Such accountability... You cannot deny that it is a huge piece of the widly chosen program for weight loss called Weight Watchers .The new study conducted by Kaiser Permanente's Center for Health research recommends a weight loss diary as well as a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and low to non- fat dairy products and 30 minutes of daily exercise to double your weight loss. In the diary, they would write down what they ate, and also estimate the portion sizes to help keep track of calories. Sounds pretty much like the Weight Watchers concept for a healthy weight loss program. It is just very simple accountability that elevates the speed in achieving the desired end result. Nothing like feeling accomplished at the end of the day. The more in depth detail you write in your food diary will directly correlate to the bottom line of your end result.Here is my recommended list of questions that you should answer in your diet diary only after you purchase a small notebook that will be able to travel with you daily.1. At the top of the page write down the date and don't be shy about using as many pages as you deem necessary daily. Do this every day until you have reached your desired weight.2. Write down every morsel of food you put in your mouth as well as the number and or estimated size. (Just that task alone will make you put less food in your mouth to avoid picking up your pen)3. Write down each the time you ate it and estimate calories.4. Write down your how you feel when you ate? Was it satisfying?5. Write down each time you exercise even if it's only 2 push ups and 8 crunches.6. Write down how you feel at the end of each day.Are you looking to lose weight? Something like 20 pounds in the time it takes to lose 10? It just doesn't get any simpler than this technique and I am not surprised at all that it is proven that you will double your weight loss.
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