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Common Questions About Weight Loss and Running

8/17 18:14:38

Running is a great weight to loose weight and stay fit. Many people find it hard to maintain a running program for weight loss but with a few simple steps, you can maintain your weight loss and feel great.

Running is a heart healthy exercise that can improve your general fitness and burn the calories you need to finally drop those extra pounds. Running burns quite a few calories if you do it regularly, but there are other things you need to take into account to truly get your weight loss program in gear. If you are putting all your thought on the running itself and no thought into your diet or routine, you may be missing some vital points that would make weight loss easier for you in the long run.

Beginner runners often find that they don抰 lose as much weight as they thought they would, or that they hit a sort of weight loss wall after a while. Several culprits may be at play, but you should start by looking to your daily diet. Keep in mind that in order to successfully lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume in a day. If you aren抰 doing that, you抮e not going to lose weight, no matter how many miles you抮e logging. Regular exercise can make you hungrier than usual, so you may have upped your caloric intake without even realizing it. Try to spread your meals out thinner, eating four to six smaller meals a day instead of two to three big ones.

Another reason you may not be losing weight, especially if you are supplementing your running program with weight lifting or strength training, is that muscle weighs more than fat. As you burn fat and gain muscle, your body may be picking up weight or breaking even. If that抯 the case, there are other indicators you can use to find out if your running program is breaking down unwanted fat.

Regular running is very important to weight loss. If you don抰 make running a true priority, its never going to be the kind of habit that will truly help you lose weight and keep it off. Schedule runs for the time of day when you know you can make room. This is why so many people run in the early morning hours. Nothing else is going on, and you can make room in your schedule by going to bed a little earlier.

The kind of lifetime fitness you can gain through regular running cannot be matched by other types of exercise. Don抰 let excuses or laziness get in the way of your health. You can make a difference and change your body with a little motivation and hard work.

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