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Weight Loss - Diet & Exercise

8/17 18:14:35

Weight loss can be the result of a conscious effort to lose or avoid excessive body weight, or the loss can result from a psychiatric or medical problem.

Losing weight can have important health benefits, as obesity is a major cause of high blood pressure and other serious disorders. However, weight should not be lost obsessively or as a fad; excessive weight loss can in itself entail serious health risks. In some individuals, weight loss is a reflection of a potentially serious psychiatric disorder, such as depression or anorexia nervosa. Persons suffering from anorexia nervosa can die from extreme weight loss and low body weight.

Unless losing weight is a medical necessity, deciding when and how to lose weight is a personal decision. In all cases, however, undertaking a weight reduction program should involve planning, with care towards maintaining proper nutrition.

Diet. Although a primary factor of losing weight is eating less, it is important to maintain a balanced diet. Determining proper calorie intake also depends on body type and on how active a person is. Extreme restriction of calories is a short-term solution to a long-term problem; it is neither healthy nor very effective.

Exercise. A person undertaking a reducing diet should increase his or her activity level. But an obese person-even one who is otherwise healthy-should not suddenly start a program of prolonged, heavy exercise. The strain on the heart and other organs could be dangerous. An exercise program should be developed gradually.

In order to be successful, a weight loss program should include long-term dietary and life style changes that allow a person to keep excess weight off. There are many support groups available which provide encouragement and motivation to lose weight.

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