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The Fail-Safe Weight Loss Formula

8/17 18:13:49

Yes ... the ... weight loss formula exists. It抯 so simple, we overlook it. Instead, we focus on the latest fad diet or the newest exercise video. The ... weight loss formula appear

Yes Virginia, the fail-safe weight loss formula exists.

It抯 so simple, we overlook it. Instead, we focus on the latest fad diet or the newest exercise video.

The fail-safe weight loss formula appears in an audio program authored by the self-help guru Brian Tracey. Here抯 his version of this formula . . .
Eat LESS, Exercise MORE.

Guaranteed Every Time
Disappointed? After all, we are familiar with this message.
But, if we pay attention to our daily habits, this formula will work EVERY TIME. Guaranteed.

How can this formula succeed 100% of the time? It抯 simple math. And math always works. ALWAYS.

Okay, so you have a trust issue when it comes to weight loss. Let抯 PROVE that it works.

It抯 a Numbers Game
Suppose you抳e been gaining about 10 pounds a year for the past 3 years.
If your daily caloric requirement is 2000, you have been on average 100 calories over your requirement every day for the past 3 years.

If your goal is to simply reverse the 30-pound weight gain, you need to reduce your daily caloric intake by 200 calories.
Do ONE of the following:
1. Eat 200 calories LESS a day.
2. Burn 200 calories MORE a day.
3. Combine eating less and increasing your activity level for a total of 200 calories, for example, eat 100 less and burn 100 more.

You could lose the 30 pounds by changing a few habits. First, eat half the usual muffin a day. Then, climb the stairs in your apartment building every day instead of pushing elevator buttons.

The next month, you could lose the entire muffin and park your car a little further away from the building where you work as well as climbing the stairs.

Over time, you will lose all the weight. You have to. It抯 in the numbers. And you haven抰 starved yourself or gotten into the dreaded 揑 have to go to the health club?routine.

5 Steps to Weight Loss
If your eyes glaze over when you read numbers, here抯 the easy part: all the information you need is online at www.caloriecontrol.org

The steps are as follows:
1. Decide how many pounds you want to lose. EXAMPLE: 20 pounds

2. Decide how long in days you want it to take. Be realistic about the length of time. EXAMPLE: 365 days

3. Multiply the pounds identified in number 1 by 3500. EXAMPLE: 20 pounds X 3500 = 70,000 calories

4. Divide the result in step 3 by the number of days to get the number of daily calories. EXAMPLE: 70,000 calories divided by 365 days = 192 calories per day.

5. Decide if you will eat less, increase your activity level, or both to get to the number in step 4. Use the web site calorie and exercise calculator (www.caloriecontrol.org) to figure out how you can eat less and exercise more.

So, are you going to be fat forever? Or will you use the fail-safe formula: Eat LESS, Exercise MORE.

ALWAYS REMEMBER (and NEVER forget) ?Take it one day at a time.

Copyright 2005 by Valerie Mills

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